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Afghan Prosecutors Association (APA)

Name Afghan Prosecutors Association (APA)
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Former Presidents of Afghan Prosecutors Association:
Hayatullah Hayat (20080618)

The APA was established during a general meeting of country’s prosecutors in November 2009 in Kabul. The APA is obliged to enforce all rules with respect to Islamic fundamental law, the constitution, universal declaration of human rights, international conventions and covenants and the provisions stipulated in the charter of the association. The APA is a social, independent, non-governmental, non-political, and nonprofit association which has paved the way to the prosecutors to assemble voluntarily and work to implement its objectives stipulated in its charter. Since its establishment, almost 1300 prosecutors from Kabul and provinces have become members. The association has established chapters in 24 provinces. It has become a member of the International Prosecutors Association and has been registered in Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as a member institution. Every prosecutor in Afghanistan has the right to become an APA member, and according to the terms of the charter, they openly may submit their petitions to receive the membership.


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