Afghan Biographies

Jahid, Taj Mohammad MajGen

Name Jahid, Taj Mohammad MajGen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Provincial Governor Farah
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions MajGen Taj Mohammad Jahid:
Commander 207th Corps "ZAFAR" (Victory) Herat (20121004, 20130914, 20150212, 20151208 -2016 )
Acting Minister of Interior (20160226, 20160328,)
Minister of Interior (MoI) (20160409) confirmed (20170813) fired
Provincial Governor Baghlan (20200707 - 20201208)
Provincial Governor Farah (20210503)

3. Biodata:
Maj. Gen. Taj Mohammad Jahid Taj Mohammad Jahed is a military commander with decades of experience in the army, to tackle the challenging security situation. Jahid has been appointed as the new Minister of Interior to replace Ulomi. (20160226)  Care taker for ministry of interior affairs Taj Muhammad Jahid in answer to MPs questions, said, government have six months wide plan with the coordination of security organs regarding to failing and repression of the government armed oppositions.

Likewise, acting interior minister confirmed lack of coordination among security forces, but he rejected lack of coordination among the leadership of security organs.

Overall, Jahid said, efforts are going for elimination of criminals throughout the country and for prevention of that we need to peoples’ cooperation.(20160328) The minister-designate for the Ministry of Interior (MoI) was formally introduced to the Afghan parliament to receive vote of confidence.(20160404) The parliamentary vote confirmed nominations of Interior Minister Taj Muhammad Jahed.(20160409)

A security official said on Thursday Aug 12,  the Governor of Laghman and the only Afghan National Army (ANA) brigade in western Farah province had surrendered to the Taliban without fighting. The Governor of Farah province along with the mayor of Farah city and other local officials have surrendered to the Taliban and then fled to neighboring Iran.


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