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Doab District Nuristan Province Nooristan

Name Doab District Nuristan Province Nooristan
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Du Ab District Do Ab Chief:
Fida Mohammad Nuristani(20110525), district chief, Fida Mohammad and police chief, Allah Dad, were wounded in a US air strike in Doab District (Nuristan Province), which also killed a number of civilians (20110527)
Maulvi Taj Mohammad (20110619)
Hafiz Abdul Qayyum (20140819)

District Police Chief:
Allah Dad (20110527), he was travelling in a car with his three bodyguards when unknown gunmen intercepted their vehicle in Laghman's Alingar district early on 20110708. Allah Dad is a resident of Mango area in Alingar district, Laghman Province. Allah Dad wanted to travel home from Nuristan to his village.
Akhtar Mohammad (20130905)
Inayatullah Himmat (201603 killed)

According to Hafiz Abdul Qayoum, Nuristan's governor, Du Ab district has not completely  fallen into the hands of the Taliban after three days of fighting with security forces.(20140820) Heavy fighting which cuts off Doab district Aug 20, 2014. Doab district was retaken from militants (20140828)
Security forces retreated from Do Ab and Mandawal districts of Nuristan province. The districts are purportedly have fallen to the Taliban.(20210605)

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