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Ghormach District Badghis Province

Name Ghormach District Badghis Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief
History and Biodata

District Chief Ghormach District Badghis Province:
Moalem Nooruddin (2007) believed to have been captured by the Taliban on 16 December 2007
Abdullah Jan Qari Daulat (20100700)

Much of the 2016 Badghis rise in poppy cultivation happened in Ghormach district in the province’s remote north. It had already overtaken Bala Murghab as the leading opium poppy cultivating district in the province in 2015 and harboured almost half of the province’s cultivation area in 2016, with 17,594 hectares. Together Ghormach and Bala Murghab accounted for 85 per cent of Badghis’ poppy cultivation area.(20170222)

Ghormach district has been an insurgency stronghold for decades. Control over it had already been contested by stiff mujahedin activity during the 1980s Soviet occupation. When the government of Dr Najibullah held parliamentary elections in April 1988, as part of his ‘national reconciliation’ (Ashti-ye melli) programme, he reserved parliamentary seats in several districts for mujahedin representatives in an (ultimately unsuccessfully) attempt to lure them over into a ‘coalition government.’ Ghormach was one of those districts, indirectly indicating strong mujahedin presence.

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