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Afghan Beverage Industry (ABI)

Name Afghan Beverage Industry (ABI)
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Cecil Galloway Director Operations +93 (79) 888 00 13
Nemat Ishan Khwaja Chief Executive Officer +93 (79) 888 00 11
Ahmad Waseem Director Finance +93 (79) 888 00 14

Background: Afghan Beverage Industries (ABI) is an Afghan-owned company that opened a bottling plant in Kabul 2006. The company produces a water brand called Cristal. In 2006, ABI became the first Afghan company to win a contract to supply bottled water with the U.S. military. At its new $26-million US plant on the outskirts of Kabul, ABI can churn out 13,000 half-litre bottles per hour. The company gets its water from three wells on premises, drilled about 160 metres deep. The plant boasts state-of-the-art German equipment that automates the entire bottling process, from blow molding of preformed plastic bottles to rinsing, filling, labeling and packaging. In a glass-encased quality-control lab, workers in white lab coats test everything from the torque on the caps to microbacteria levels. Cecil Galloway, operations director of Afghan Beverage Industries (ABI), a former PepsiCo manager with experience in other developing countries, was brought in by the company's Afghan owners to oversee the plant. The Company has 15 foreign and about 170 Afghan workers. ABI has also rolled out a line of cola, orange and lemon-lime soft drinks, and plans to expand into milk and juices.

Pul-i-Charkhi Industrial Park, Kabul, Afghanistan PABX: +93 79 888 0000 Executive: +93 79 888 0010 Sales: +93 79 888 0020 Operations: +93 79 888 0030 Finance: +93 79 888 0040 HR %26 Admin: +93 79 888 0050 Website: Email:

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