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Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA)

Name Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA)
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Deputy and Acting CEO Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA):
Dipl. Eng. Alham Omar Hotaki (201509029)


Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA), Independent Board of Kabul New City Development (KNC), announced 20150902 that the New Kabul City will be equipped with the renewable energy. During a visit to DCDA Headquarter in Kabul, the German ZasusArrow Group of Companies presented a technical proposal for equipping one of the initial Phase One Projects with Renewable Energy Sources. ZasuArrow as a green company has the full spectrum of renewable energy solutions from initiation to operation with the help of latest technology i.e. Solar, Wind, Hydro Power and Fossil fuel energies.
DCDA officials announced late in December l2014 that the construction of Kabul New City is ready to kick off, pending an approval from the Presidential Palace to start the construction work.The officials further added that DCDA-KNC has signed five agreements with the companies to construct 55,000 residential houses, and the companies are prepared to start their work. Kabul New City is almost two times bigger than the current city of Kabul, where 600,000 residential houses would be built which would be completed in two phases and in 15 years period. According to DCDA officials, residential houses would be built for $1.5 million in the first phase of the construction work of Kabul New City, while further houses would be built for another 1 million people in the second phase, with the construction work estimated to cost round $80 billion, where the private sector would have a major role in terms of financing the construction work. The construction design of Kabul New City was completed around 8 years ago where local and international experts contributed in preparing the master plan of the city which would be built in Dehsabz area of Kabul.

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