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Fahim, Adib

Name Fahim, Adib
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1985
Function/Grade Ex 1st Deputy Head NDS National Directorate of Security
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
1st Deputy Head NDS National Directorate of Security (20150601, 20191121)
3. Biodata:
Adib Fahim Adeeb Fahim is the eldest son of the former Afghan Vie President Mohammad Qasim Fahim who passed away in March 2014. Fahim assumed charge as First Deputy Head of NDS during a gathering attended by high level government officials, including Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. This comes as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani appointed Ajmal Obaid Abidy as the Deputy Head of the Afghan Intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS). Abidy was serving as spokesperson for President Ghani and was appointed for the post earlier in February this year (2015).

Adib Fahim was born in 1985. He grew up in the Panjsher valley. Adib Fahim went to school in Kabul. After the fall of the Taliban regime, he joined Kabul University (KU)’s Faculty of Law and International Relations. After a brief stint at KU, in 2003, Adib Fahim went to pursue his education at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At the AUS, Adib Fahim studied International Relations and focused his research on an array of topics including state-building, ethnic politics, civil wars, political-economy, and history of the Middle East. In 2006, Adib Fahim served as a research assistant at the Consulate General of Switzerland in Dubai. He conducted research and co-wrote, with the Commercial Attaché, reports on UAE’s healthcare, the food industry and the environment sector. After graduating from the AUS in 2007, Adib Fahim got admitted to the New York University (NYU). He studied Public Administration and Policy and focused his research on local governance. From mid-2009 until graduating from NYU, Adib Fahim also served as a member of a small group of consultants who were hired by the UNDP and the Egyptian Ministry of Local Development. The group was tasked to carry out fieldwork in Egypt to inform a baseline study that would aim at assessing public service provision programs in four governorates. The project entailed evaluating the progress of government programs and analyzing local budgeting and planning systems. In 2010, the team produced a client report on decentralization program progress and provided strategic recommendations on improving local economic planning and administration systems in Egypt.

Following his studies at NYU, Adib Fahim returned to Afghanistan. He was soon appointed as the Deputy Director for Policy at the Office of National Security Council (ONSC) - the office that reports daily to the President of Afghanistan on matters of national security. During his work at the ONSC, Adib Fahim worked on various issues of national security significance including representing the ONSC in several policy working groups and serving as an active member of the committee that drafted the first National Security Policy of Afghanistan.

Adib Fahim joined the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in mid-2011 and served as the Deputy Director at the Ministry's Economics Division. Early in 2013, he was promoted to lead the Ministry's division on the Middle East and Africa (2nd Division). The Division works closely with the diplomatic missions of countries from the Middle East and Africa. It also leads the work of Afghanistan’s foreign missions in these countries.


Adib Fahim left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the passing away of his father in March 2014. In a ceremony held in the Presidential Palace later in the month, in the presence of former Mujahideen commanders, Members of the Parliament, Members of the Cabinet, and members of Marshal Fahim’s family, Adib Fahim was appointed to succeed the Late Marshal in public affairs.

Beginning as early as the year 1991, Adib Fahim accompanied his father on meetings with commanders and elders across the country. Since the fall of the Taliban regime, he joined his father on several official domestic and international trips.

Adib Ahmad Fahim, a senior intelligence official has been linked to some of Afghanistan’s biggest corruption scandals. His late father, General Mohammed Qasim Fahim, another former vice-president, was identified as the part owner of Pamir Airways in a U.S. diplomatic cable. The airline was believed to have ferried money to Dubai hidden in airplane food trays. Fahim’s uncle Haseen was also a major shareholder in Kabul bank, which was at the centre of a massive scandal over millions of dollars allegedly given out in suspect insider loans before it collapsed in 2010.(20191104)

Fahim has released a copy of his approved resignation letter on his official twitter, which reads that he resigns due to “some personal problems”.

President Ashraf Ghani has accepted and approved his resignation letter. Adib Fahim is the son of Afghanistan’s late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, who was appointed as Deputy NDS Chief following the death of his father in March 2014.(20191121)

Mohammad Malak Laeqzada, husband of Adeb Fahim's sister, was a candidate in the election of Wolesi Jirga 2018.

Adib Fahim is married and has three children.

He speaks Dari, English, Arabic, Urdu, and Pashto.


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