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Hashemi, Syed Zafar

Name Hashemi, Syed Zafar
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1985
Function/Grade Political Counselor, Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington, DC
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Journalist (2007)
Deputy (acting) Spokesperson to President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20150527)
Political Counselor, Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington, DC (20170223)

3. Biodata:
Syed Zafar Hashemi Sayed Zafar Hashimi was born Feb 17, 1985 in Afghanistan. After spending his childhood in Afghanistan he was later weaving carpets as a teenager in Pakistan.  He has also served as head of public relations in Afghanistan Stabilisation programme in the Ministry of Interior before he left for Washington. Hashemi has been graduated from John Hopkins University by obtaining Masters degree in the field of public administration and completed his bachelors degree in the field of political science from the University of Maryland. He has previously served as TV presenter, reporter and editor in Voice of America in Washington. In January 2007, the prestigious Scripps Howard journalism semester in Washington, D.C. brought Sayed to the States, where he was the only international participant among five young journalists. While at the internship, he applied for the Afghanistan Service of VOA, and ended up getting the job. Initially, Sayed enrolled at University of Maryland, College Park, but could not adjust his schedule there to meet the demands of his full-time job. He was attracted to UMUC because of its flexibility and the option of evening and online classes. "I think UMUC is a good place for people like me who have to work not only for school, but also for a living," he said.

In 2004, he had some journalism training in Kabul, which covered basics of journalism - how to do interviews, how to develop ideas,t he qualities and responsibilities of a good journalist and many more

In 2005, he had some broadcast training in radio and TV, when he learned how to use journalistic tools and audiovisual software to produce radio and television programs,as well as how to manage a music recoding studio. He also learned to be inspired to make jingles, record musical clips and make audio and video songs.

In 2007 he also worked as a journalist, program producer and news presenter for a radio station, Nawa 103.1 FM, where he produced a biweekly one-hour program in whichhe tried to reflect peoples' problems and seek responsible governmental authorities to respond to the issue, aiming to reveal facts and realities bothering people in the society.

He also worked as studio manager to produce audio clips, radio jingles, instrumental pieces (Afghani instruments mixed with Western music), contemporary and folkloric songs and children's anthems. The main idea was to present dead Afghan music in a new and public-demanded style to help enrich Afghan culture.

Hashemi worked as a director for a production house, AWAZ (the Voice in Dari), where he made a family based entertainment TV program,"Joyenda Yabenda" (seeker is finder) in seven episodes in seven provinces of Afghanistan. The idea of the program was to increase public awareness about the newly established National Assembly, its rules and responsibilities,as well as better understanding of the elected representatives' personalities.

He has made a number of documentaries, video clips for audio songs and fiction films about hot issues in society, out of which children, freedom of speech, or the history of Jirga (National Gathering) in the country could be presented as examples.

He was based in Washington for the Voice of America (VOA) (20140705)


Hashemi speaks Dari, Urdu and English.


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