Afghan Biographies

Fayeq, Abdul Karim Brig Gen

Name Fayeq, Abdul Karim Brig Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Police Commander
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Abdul Karim Fayeq:
Provincial Police Commander Kapisa (20150518, 20161119)

3. Biodata Abdul Karim Faiq:
Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Faiq Abdul Karim Fayaq had been suspended by MoI through a secret massage till further order. MoI was investigating corruption charges against Kapisa police chief and other officials and their cases had been referred to the Attorney General Office. An investigation team was also dispatched to the province to probe the stealing of thousands of litters of fuel from the provincial police headquarters. Abdul Karim Fayeq, was accused of faking documents and embezzlement of up to 250,000 liters of oil. (20160519)


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Established 2015-05-26