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Bakhtar Afghan Airlines was an airline from Afghanistan, which offered domestic flights. The company was founded in 1967 as Bakhtar Alwatana, a name it kept until 1985, when it was renamed Bakhtar Afghan Airlines. In 1985 the company absorbed Ariana Afghan Airlines and became Afghanistan's sole airline company. In 1988 the Ariana and Bakhtar brands merged.

The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) said that the Bakhtar aviation company--with four new aircraft and a new license--will start work in Afghanistan.
Bakhtar is a subsidiary of Ariana Airlines focused on domestic travel. It will operate independent of Ariana. The ACAA stated that based on President Ghani's instructions, two small airplanes that China gave to Ghani will be given to Bakhtar. These Dash-8 Q300 aircraft are prop-driven and can hold between 30-40 passengers. The National Procurement Authority (NPA) said they will pay the Bakhtar company more than $20 million in advance for future services to the Defense Ministry for transport of Afghan forces in Afghanistan. This advance, according to the NPA, will allow Bakhtar to buy two new aircraft. Ramin Ayaz, head of the media section of the NPA, said: “Based on the plan, in the upcoming 1399 year, passengers from our 230,000 employees in the Defense Ministry will be delivered by the company (Bakhtar) and will increase the income of the company.”

ACAA said that Bakhtar's aviation company will provide domestic flights. Muslim Khuram, head of the Bakhtar company, said: “The company has been rebuilt again, and we will try to have flights to provinces that are not easily connected by road to the country center.”

Bakhtar was founded in 1967 and in 1985 the company was absorbed Ariana Afghan Airlines. The newly launched airline is owned by Ariana, but is financially independent, said airline spokespersons.(20200116)


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