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Afghan Civil Society and Elections Network (ACSEN)

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Afghan Civil Society and Elections Network (ACSEN)
The Afghanistan Civil Society and Election Network (ACSEN) voiced its concern at the selection of the newly-created reform panel members and the delay in initiating the task.(20150330)

Names linked to Afghanistan Civic Society Organizations Working Group
Jandad Spinghar, Chairman ACSEN and former Adviser to CEO, Head of ACSEN (20160414, 20170529)
Farida Khinjani
IEC (Independent Election Commission) Gender Advisor
Naeem Ayubzada
TEFA (Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan) Executive Director
Najibullah Niazi
SAEDA (Sustainable Alternative Economic Development for Afghans) Managing Director

Hajira Amir Karimi
AWOSD (Afghan Women's Organization for Supporting Democracy) Deputy Director
Naeem Asghari
FEFA (Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan) Program Manager
Taimur Hakiimyar
FCCS (Foundation for Culture & Society) Director
Asadullah Ehsas
OHRD (Organization of Human Resource Development) Program Officer
Sharifa Zurmati Wardak
SAWO / CSCC (Support Afghan Women Organization / Civil Society Coordination Center)  Director
Asadullah Zemarai
HRRAC (Human Rights Research & Advocacy Consortium) Senior Research & Advocacy Officer
Nazir Ahmad Mohmand
BEEST (Basic Education & Employable Skill Training) Country Director
Baryalie Rashidi
ACBO (Afghan Capacity Building Organization) Director
Dr. Shakila Barakzai
FLO (Future Leaders Organization)
Wida Latif
AWN (Afghan Women Network) Program Manager
Gulsoom Satarzai
AWSE (Afghan Women Services & Education Center) Director
Roshan Sirran
THRA (Training Human Rights Association for Afghan Women) Director
Humaira Haqmal
AWOSD (Afghan Women's Organization for Supporting Democracy) Director
Fahim Sadeq
ANPO (Afghanistan National Participation Organization) Director
Ajmal Baluchzada
Kilid Group
Dr. Saeed Niazi
CSDC (Civil Society Development Center) Director
Habib ul-Rahman Nang Habiburrahman Nang, member of the Afghan Civil Society and Election Network (ACSEN) (20160613, 20170317)


The Afghanistan Civil Society Elections Network (ACSEN) is an Afghan led network of civil society organizations that are engaged in collective advocacy and civic engagement efforts to improve the systems of elections and governance in Afghanistan. ACSEN, which started as a group of 11 organizations in July 2013, is now a leading voice setting the agenda for electoral reform and includes more than 170 organizations representing all 34 provinces in Afghanistan.

Since the network’s establishment in 2013, ACSEN has engaged with over 3,000 stakeholders to implement national and regional advocacy initiatives which included women’s role in the electoral process, accountability and transparency of elected officials, promoting peaceful reconciliation in the elections and the recent electoral reform process. ACSEN also works with local communities and media organizations to implement a range of civic education, advocacy and government accountability initiatives.

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