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President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani per Presidential Decree has appointed 14 members of the Electoral System Reform Commission Special Electoral Reforms Commission (SERC) which includes the commission’s chief.(20150716)

All below listed 14 Members as of 20150716
Electoral System Reform Commission Chief:
Sultan Shah Akefi Sultan Shah Akifi (20150720)
Deputy chief of the commission:
Sediqullah Tawhidi
Members of the commission:
Kawoon Kakar,
Mohammad Ali Amiri,
Abdul Qadir Karyab,
Bashir Farooq,
Asadullah Sadati,
Faizullah Zaki,
Saleh Mohammad Registani,
Shah Mahmood Mia Khel,
Sabrina Saqib,
Mrs. Dr. Alima (2015, 20160116)
Abdul Majid Ghanizada (representative of the Ministry of Justice)
Tadamichi Yamamoto (representative of the United Nations in Afghanistan)

Despite Abdullah's disagreements with Ghani over the formation of the reform commission initially, the Office of the Chief Executive has released a statement commending the commission and calling it a balanced body. However, hinting at continued differences over the matter of electoral reform, the statement reiterates that Abdullah wishes to see those accused of fraud during the 2014 presidential election step down.(20150720)

All below listed Members as of 20150401
Electoral Reform Commission: chaired by female lawmaker Shukria Barekzai (20150323)
Deputy head of the commission: Sediqullah Tawhidi (20150401)
Secretaries of the commission: Shah Sultan Akifi, Wazhma Farogh

Ali Amiri,
Abdul Qadir Qaryab,
Bashir Farooq,
Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi,
Faizullah Zaki,
Kawoon Kakar,
Sabrina Saqib,
Gul Ahmad Madadzai,
Azizullah Rafiyee,
Justice Ministry representative Abdul Majid Ghanizada,
UN official Tadamichi Yamoto,

Background Electoral Reform Commission:

The commission has 15 members. One third of the reform commission is expected to be comprised of members of the civil society, while the other two thirds would be made up of representatives of President Ghani and CEO Dr. Abdullah respectively. So far between nine and 11 people have been recommended to be a part of the reforms commissions. These include representatives chosen by the president, chief executive, election monitoring institutions and civil society networks. Members of the electoral reforms commission are expected to recommend a plan in bringing technical and transparent reforms in the election system within the next four, five months and later present their final result to the president and chief executive.(20150224)

Members of the Electoral Reform Commission Selection Team for IEC and IECC commissioners:

The committee is comprised of seven persons, three civil society activists including two men and woman, a representative of the High Council of Supreme Court, a representative of Administrative Reforms Commission, a member of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and a member of the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution. President Ghani appointed seven members of the committee through a decree.

nominated by CEO Dr. Abdullah (20150209)

Mohammad Natiqi, adviser for religious affairs to deputy CEO Mohaqeq 

Mohammad Asim
 Asem, MP who is close to both Abdullah and Qanuni
Dr. Anwar, head of the political committee of Arghanidwal’s Hezb-e Islami and must be deputy CEO Eng Khan Mohammad’s pick

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Established 2015-02-24