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Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA)

Name Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA)
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1. Former Directors General Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan:
Captain Hamid Zaher (20170530)
Mahmood Shah Habibi (20170531)

Dr. Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada Qasim Wafayee Zada Mohammad Qasim Wafaeezada (20190804, 20201219)
Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) Deputy Head:
Mahmood Shah Habibi (20150219, 20160629)
ACAA’s director for air traffic control:

Ghulam Masoom Masoomi (20200129)
Public relation and Information Director for Civil Aviation Authority:
Qasim Rahimi (20160621)


All state-owned and private airlines of Afghanistan were banned from entering the European Union airspace in 2010 for failing to meet the international safety criteria.
Conditions for the Afghan airlines to be removed from the blacklist were:

  1. Independent civil aviation administration
  2. Approval of law on Afghanistan aviation
  3. Standardizing Afghan airlines to meet international standards
  4. Hiring international operators to run their fleets

According to Habibi, the airlines have met these criteria that were previously absent and the developments have been reported to the EU about 10 days ago.

The EU authorities have confirmed receipt of the report and are yet to announce their decision about removal of Afghan airlines from their blacklist.


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