Afghan Biographies

Brahui, Abdul Karim

Name Brahui, Abdul Karim
Ethnic backgr. Baloch
Date of birth 1955
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Abdul Karim Brahui:
Corps No.7 Reeshkor, Commander of the 4th Brigade,
Governor Nimruz Province,
Minister of Border Affairs and Tribal Affairs (200807),
Minister of Refugees (200902 - 20100824),
Governor Nimruz Nimroz Province (20100824 -20120919)

3. Biodata:
Barahwai_Abdul_KarimAbdul Karim Barahwai Barahawi Brahavi Brahui Barahawe , son of Mohammad Mobin, was born in Pedehgee of Chahar Burjak District of Nimroz Province in 1955. He attended primary school in that district and graduated from Cadet School in 1973. He then attended Cadet College where he obtained his Bachelors degree in 1977 in the field of Weapons Technology. After graduation, he served in Corps Number 7 of Reeshkhor. After the Soviet invasion, he left his service and joined the Jihad. He fought in the Jihad for 14 years and served as the commander of Mujahideen in Nimroz province. Karim Brahui, was a formerly commander of the Jabha-e Nimruz (a mujahed organization close to the Maoist SAMA). He was a governor before the Taleban took over in 1995 and again between 2001-2005.

After the Islamic revolution, he was appointed as Governor of Nimroz province and the Commander of the 4th Brigade in the government of Burhanuddin Rabbani. During the reign of Taliban, he led the resistance front against the Taliban in that province. After the Taliban were defeated, he was again appointed as the Governor of Nimroz and Commander of 4th Brigade. Brahavi supports the Central Government. He has a reputation as a honest and reliable and capable Government Official.

He seems to have been able to conciliate or eliminate all local opposition to his rule, and Nimruz looks consequently like a quiet backwater, at least on the surface. Only its northernmost tip, Delaram, is occasionally mentioned in the news - usually in relation to insurgent attacks on the ring road which passes through it. In fact, Delaram is closely linked to neighbouring Helmand and Farah, not only geographically and historically, but also in featuring the presence of a US military base and consistent numbers of Taleban.

The governor of southwestern province of Nimroz Barahawi has escaped unhurt in a remote-controlled bomb explosion, officials said on Saturday (20110115). A life attempt on Governor of Nimroz province failed yesterday. Colonel Abdul Jabar Purdali Police chief of Nimroz confirming the news. Abdul Kareem Barahawee and the board of directors of that province visited the work of Lashkari canal. In return the vehicle of governor hit with a remote control mine in 2nd district of Zaranj city near the Darul Ulam Madrasa (Islamic school).

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