Afghan Biographies

Haqjo, Qurban

Name Haqjo, Qurban
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1977
Function/Grade Ambassador to WTO
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
President/CEO at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (200803-20140500)

Member of Economic Committee Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Electoral Office (201405-20150128)

CEO Dr. Abdullah economic affairs Adviser (20150129)
AISA Afghan Investment Support Agency President CEO (20150708-20160119)
Commerce and Industry Deputy Minister MoIC (20160800-20170500)

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the World Trade Organization- WTO (20170500))


3. Biodata:
Mohammad Qurban Haqjo was born 02. Feb 1977 into a trading family. He completed his primary education in his hometown, Puli Khumri, Baghlan Province, and then graduated from the Political Science faculty of Balkh University. Recently he did his MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the University of North West – New York. After his bachelor degree, he started a private business in Russia, but soon moved to Germany where he completed studies in International Business relations and then worked as an instructor in computer and Internet Technologies. Returning 2005 to Afghanistan, he worked with the Chamber Reform Committee and Chamber Merger Committee, when he played an important role in the merger of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (state controlled chamber) and the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) which was an independent and non-government chamber. After completion of the merger process, Mr. Haqjo helped manage the reform process at regional level and facilitated national chamber elections. In mid-2008, he was elected Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the newly combined chambers. He promotes ACCI as an independent legal entity, a non-political and non-profit organization of the Afghan business community, protecting the rights of the private sector and supporting the business activities of its members at national and international levels. Haqjo has also worked as a legal advisor on different projects funded by European Union in Afghanistan. He is the member of the following national committees and representing the interests of the private sector and advocates their rights:
1. High Economic Council headed by H.E the President of Afghanistan.
2. Economic Committee of the Cabinet headed by the Second Vice President of Afghanistan
3. Legal Committee of Cabinet headed by first Vice President of Afghanistan.
4. Afghan Red Crest Board.
5. Afg. SME Loan Fund- MISFA's board of director.
6. Afghanistan Business Innovation Fund- ABIF board of director.
7. Afghanistan Norms and Standard National Committee,
8. Afghanistan High Investment Commission
9. Afghanistan Agriculture Development Fund, board of director
10. One Window Land Authority- ARAZI’s advisory board.
11. Afghanistan Hajj Committee headed by second VP.
12. National TIR Committee.
13. Afghanistan National Export Committee.
14. Afghanistan National Health Committee.

Newly appointed AISA chief, Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, said that AISA plans to seek amendments to the nation’s investment law in an effort to revive investors’ confidence and improve investment in the country.(20150804)

Besides his native language, Dari, as well as Pashto, Haqjo is fluent in German, Russian and English with a good command of Hindi (Urdu).

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