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Ashna, Asef

Name Ashna, Asef
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Deputy Spokesperson CEO Dr. Abdullah Abdullah
History and Biodata

Mohammad Asef Ashna Asif Ashna

2. Previous Functions:
Member and Board member of Right and Justice Party Asef Ashna (20120905, 20130623)
Reporter Saba TV
Political Analyst (20140308)
Political activist (20140310)
CEO Deputy Spokesperson (20141128, 20150117)

3. Biodata:
Mohammad Asif Ashna was born in Panjshir Province. He is a member of the leadership board of Haq-o-Adalat (Truth and Justice) party.((20130726)

Asef Ashna, deputy to the spokesperson of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah has resigned over the incompetence of government to prevent the atrocity of seven civilians in Zabul province. Two women, a child and four men were abducted from Gilan District of southeastern Ghazni province about October 2015 and their dead bodies were recovered from Khak-e-Afghan District of southern Zabul province on Nov 09, 2015.

Ashna has an American Passport.


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