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Afghan Women Peace and Security Research Institute (RIWPS)

Name Afghan Women Peace and Security Research Institute (RIWPS)
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Advisary Council  
Sabrina Saqeb Former Member of Parliament, Founding Member RIWPS-Afghanistan
Anita Anand Gender and Communications Specialist, India
Wazhma Frogh Executive Director and Founder of RIWPS, Afghanistan
Rina Amiri Women & Peace Expert 
Bushra Gohar Member of National Assembly & Women’s Rights Expert, Pakistan
Bilquis Ahmadi Women & Peace Expert


Office Address: Taimani, Street 8, Kabul. House # 43


RIWPS Email:

Mobile No:      0093-0792615421

Background The Afghan Women Peace and Security Research Institute (RIWPS):
Following the first Consultative Peace Jirga in Afghanistan during 2010, based on an increased need for a specific organization working on issues of Women Peace & Security, RIWPS was founded by Afghan women activists. However, RIWPS officially got registered with the Ministry of Economy during the first quarter of 2012.

RIWPS – Afghanistan is working closely with the High Peace Council focusing on women’s meaningful participation in the peace processes as well as with the local organizations and activists for building community based inclusive peace. Other local stakeholders include the Women’s Affairs Commission of the Parliament (both houses), the Afghan Women’s Coalition, the Shelter’s Network in Afghanistan.

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