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Kardan University Kabul

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Roeen Rahmani, Founder and President (2005, 20180216)
Vice Chancellor:
Syed Omar Farooq
Spokesman of Kardan University:
Zahir Ayubi (20180216)
Department of Business Administration and Economics Head:
Prof Murtaza Masood Niazi
Department of Computer Science Head:
Dr. Abdul Wahid
Department of Law Head:
to be named

Department of Civil Engineering Head:
Prof Mohammad Wasim Iqbal

Kardan University
Charahi Parwan II, Kabul Afghanistan Main Campus
Charahi Sabeqa Taimani, Kabul Afghanistan Taimani Campus
0799 52 83 83
0777 52 83 83



Kardan University is a Private Institution which launched its programs in 2002 when Founder Roeen Rahmani and some friends spent $300 on an overhead projector and a nd a rented room to teach business management to young Afghans. Today, Kardan University is a household name, renowned for its educational excellence. The University has earned international reputation for its commitment to innovation, internationalization and academic excellence.

  • 12 students, 2 female, under Kardan Institute brand in a single classroom for three hours in Macroryan area of Kabul, providing shortterm certificate programs.
  • Kardan expands academic programs introducing diploma level programs, enrolling around 600 students, with around 20% women participation, four faculty members.
  • Kardan makes history by becoming the first private higher education institute officially registered with the Government of Afghanistan.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is launched with over 130 students enrolled in the first cohort.
  • The University becomes affiliated with Preston University, USA.
  • Law and Political Science undergraduate programs are launched.
  • Kardan University celebrates the graduation of the first cohort of BBA students, 15% of whom were women.
  • Kardan University launches Kardan School of Excellence, offering primary and secondary level education in Kabul.
  • Kardan University initiates the international accreditation process through the International Association of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) becoming the first candidate for accreditation, representing Afghanistan.
  • Student enrollment reaches a peak of 6,000.
  • Kardan Career Center is established to connect students and alumni with the top companies in Afghanistan.
  • Kardan University leads the establishment of Afghanistan’s first association of private universities.
  • The University is subsequently elected as the Chair with an initial membership of 28 national private institutions.
  • Staff and faculty publish over a dozen articles and research papers in leading international jounrals.
  • Kardan University is re-elected as the Chair of Private Universities in Afghanistan.
  • It is ranked as one of the top private institutes of higher education and is officially recognized as a "private university" following a ministerial evaluation.
  • Kardan signs a memorandum of understanding with the Girne American University of Cyprus on faculty, research and student exchange initiatives.
  • Kardan becomes a "Candidate to Accreditation" following IACBE’s systematic performance assessment.
  • Kardan University becomes chartered to issue master level programs in business andinternational relations.
  • Student enrollment stands at over 5,000.
  • As part of its strategic vision, Kardan University establishes Faculty Development Center to improve pedagogy and teaching capabilities.
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