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Khairi, Aya Sultan Mrs.

Name Khairi, Aya Sultan Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth 1965
Function/Grade ex Candidat Minister
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Mrs. Sultan Khairi Aie Sultan Khairi Aya-Sultan Khairi  Ai Sultan Khairi was born 1965. She is an Uzbek from Faryab from well-known ‘old’ Uzbek family. She worked as a lecturer at Kabul University. From 2004 to 2007, she did her Master degree in Turkey and started her PhD; Tolo TV reports she holds a doctorate in Turkish literature. Before her academic career, she served as the head of the labour and social affairs department in Balkh. Possibly Aya Sultan Khairi is related to Humaiun Humayoon Khairi, Dostum’s spokesman. (20050307, 20100215) It is said she holds Turkish citizenship.

She fled to Pakistan and ran a school. Her grandfather, according to a cousin, Kazim Amini, was Amir Delawar Khan who was famous for having had his own local administration and of having been assassinated by King Abdul Rahman Khan. Her uncle, well-known poet Nazar Muhammad Nawa, was elected to the 1949 parliament and her father, Abul Khair Khairi, a senator, was the founder of a northern pan-Turkist group, Ittehad wa Taraqi, or Unity and Progress which supported the then liberal opposition to Zaher Shah. Later, according to Khairi’s cousin, the Zaher Shah government seized the family assets and land and they escaped from Faryab. However, Khairi may owe her current position to more recent political connections: as well as having served in Dostum’s 1990s administration in Mazar, her brother, Humayun Khairi, is a prominent intellectual and Jombeshi and a former head of Dostum’s station, Ayna TV.

Aya Sultan Khairi was nominated by the President Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai as Minister of Information and Culture.(20140112)

Rejected by Wolesi Jirga because of dual citizenship.(20150121)



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