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Bamian PC 2005 Bamyan Bamiyan

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Mohammad Sejad Musini, Head of the Bamiyan Provincial Council (2005), Muhammad Ishaq Poya, a provincial council and ANDMA member (2005),

Background profile of provincial council members

Bamyan provincial council has nine members including three women. Mohammad Jawad Zahak headed the panel for the past two terms was killed by the Taliban after being detained by them in 1390. Presently, Mohammad Yousaf Mazhary acts as director of the council. Contact: 0773814086
1 – Maulvi Mohammad Yousaf Mazhary:
Son of Mohammad Qadam, he was born in Qarona village in the Saighan district of central Bamyan in 1965. He completed his primary education at Saighan school and graduated from Mazharul Ulum seminary in Peshawar. Mazhary has the membership of Jamiat-i-islami party of Afghanistan.
Contacts: 0773814086
2 – Mohammad Aziz Shafiq:
Son of Haji Mohammad Alam, he was born in Brak village in the Panjab district of central Bamyan in 1958. He completed his high school in Panjab district and semi higher at Sayed Jamaludin College in mathematics. He served as school teacher, government employee and commander. He got his way to provincial council in 2009 and has membership of the Haq and Adalat party.
Contacts: 0772138221
3 – Haji Haidar Ali Ahmadi:
Haji Haidar Ali Ahmadi is the son of Haji Ali Bakhsh. He was born in Deh Sabz Dara village in the Yakawlang district of central Bamyan province in 1955. He is graduated from a high school in Yakawlang and has served as district chief, education department manager secretary of military commission during the Mujahideen era. Ahmadi is a member of Wahdat-i-islami party.
Contacts: 0779813197
  4 – Mohammad Hadi Wahidi:
Son of Sayed Ali Husain, he was born in Takht village in the vors district of central Bamyan province in 1961. He completed his high school in Qom city of Iran. Being a Mujahid, he served as district chief vors during the Taliban regime. Wahidi was appointed as director of border and tribal affairs after toppling of the Taliban regime. Earlier, he has membership of Itifaq council.
Contacts: 0799393362
5 – Mohammad Ibrahim Khalili:
Son of Khadim Husain, he was born in the Shiwa Qul villag in Vors district of central Bamyan province. He completed his primary and higher education in Vors district and Qum city of Iran. He is 55. He spearheaded educational and cultural activities earlier in Afghanistan and Iran. Khalili has no political affiliation.
Contacts: 0772149974
 6 – Mrs. Razia Iqbal Zada:
Daughter of Rajab Ali, she was born in Vulayatak village in the Shibar district of central Bamyan province in 1977. She completed Mohammad Asif Mayel high school in capital Kabul and is second grade student at Bayman University. She worked earlier as school teachers and headmaster. Razia is a member of Wahdat Islami party and this is her second term being as member of provincial council.
Contacts: 0798164804
7 –Mrs. Aqila Husaini:
Daughter of Husain Ali, she was born in 1986. She completed Shireen Hazar high school and has served in an international organization for one year. Aqila also worked as school teacher and in Bamyan radio channel. She is a member of Paiwand party.
Contacts: 0777291618
8 – Mrs. Zainab Noori:
Zainab Noori belongs to Tagab Ghar village of Vars district of central Bamyan province.
Contacts: 0799067109


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