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Government of National Unity nominees of cabinet ministers

Name Government of National Unity nominees of cabinet ministers
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Function/Grade Names Ghani-Abdullah Cabinet updated 28 Jan 2015
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President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai's nominees introduced to Wolesi Jirga 20. Jan 2015 were initially 23 ministers and chiefs for National Directorate of Security and the national bank of Afghanistan known as “Da Afghanistan Bank”. Updated (20150128)

Following is the list of the new cabinet was introduced for confidence vote to the House of Representatives or Wolesi Jirga:

  1. Eklil Hakimi for Finance Ministry confirmed 20150128
  2. Salahuddin Rabani for Foreign Ministry confirmed 20150128
  3. Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi for Ministry of Labours and Social Affairs
  4. Sayed Hussain Ulumi Balkhi Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi for Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation confirmed 20150128
  5. Noorulhaq Ulumi for Interior Ministry confirmed 20150128
  6. Ahmad Sear Mahjur Seyar Majhoor for Justice Ministry replaced by Najibullah Fahim (20150128)
  7. Barna Karimi for Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies rejected 20150128
  8. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi for Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry rejected 20150128
  9. Mohammad Gul Zalmay Younasi Gul Zalmai Younusi for Ministry of Education rejected 20150128
  10. Shir Mohammad Karimi for Defense Ministry rejected 20150128
  11. Nasir Ahmad Durani for Ministry of Rural Development confirmed 20150128
  12. Sardar Mohammad Rahman Oghli Ughlu for Ministry of Economy rejected 20150128
  13. Qamaruddin Shinwari for Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs rejected 20150128
  14. Najiba Ayoubi for Ministry of Women Affairs rejected 20150128
  15. Shah Zaman Mewandi for Minister Of Urban Development Affairs
  16. Ghulam Abas Bashir for Ministry of Public Work rejected 20150128
  17. Ay Sultan Khairi for Ministry of Information and Culture replaced by Bari Jahani (20150128)
  18. Abdul Rahman Salehi Salahi for Ministry of Energy and Water rejected 20150128
  19. Faizullah Zaki for Transport and Civil Aviation rejected 20150128
  20. Khatera Afghan for Ministry of Higher Education rejected 20150128
  21. Faiz Mohammad Usmani Osmani for Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs confirmed 20150128
  22. Faizullah Kakar for Ministry of Counter Narcotics
  23. Dawoud Shah Sabah Daud Saba for Ministry of Mines and Petroleum confirmed 20150128
  24. Khalilullah Sediq for Da Afghanistan Bank
  25. Rahmatullah Nabil for National Directorate of Security confirmed 20150128
    26. Ferozuddin Feroz Nominee for the Ministry of Public Health confirmed (20150128)



The Government of National Unity Monday Jan. 12, 2015 announced the nominees of cabinet ministers (updated).

The list including 25 ministers and governor of Central Bank along with Director General of the Afghan Intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS).

The nominees were announced by Abdul Salam Rahimi, the head of the office of administrative affairs in ARG Presidential Palace. The attorney general and supreme court chief justice positions remain vacant.

The nominees include:

1. Ghulam Jilani Popal as Finance Minister Minister (Ghani) stepped back dual citizenship and problems with MNA (Wolesi Jirga) (20150119) The new nominee for the position of finance minister is expected to be Eklil Ahmad Hakimi (20150119)

2. Ahmad Seyar Majhoor Ahmad Seyar Mahjor as Justice Minister (Abdullah)

3. Muhammad Gul Zalmay Yunusi  Gul Zalmai Younusi Gul Zulmai Younosi as Education Minister (Abdullah)

4. Mrs. Najeeba Ayubi Najeeba Ayoubi Najiba Ayubi as Women’s Affairs Minister (Abdullah)

5. Dr Ghulam Abbas Basir Dr. Abbas Dr. Abbas Basir as Public Works Minister (Ghani)

6. Ferozuddin Feroz as Public Health Minister (Abdullah)

7. Yaqoob Haidari Yaqoub Haydari as Agriculture Minister (Ghani) dropped out interpol listed (20150119)

8. Daud Saba Dawood Sabah as Mines and Petroleum Minister (Ghani)

9. Barna Karimi as Telecommunication and Informatoin Technology Minister (Ghani)

10. Nasir Ahmad Durani Naseer Ahmad Durrani as Rural Rehabilitation and Development Minister (Abdullah)

11. Mrs. Khatera Afghan as Higher Education Minister (Ghani) under scrutiny because underaged. (20150119) Asila Wardak Jamal will be introduced as candidate-minister for MoHE instead of Khatera Afghan in case Khatera is rejected.(20150119)

12. Mahmood Saiqol Mahmud Saiqal as Water and Energy Minister (Abdullah) opted out of cabinet.(20150120) replaced by Abdul Rahman Salahi

13. Sadat Mansoor Naderi Sadaat Naderi as Labor and Social Affairs Minister (Ghani)

14. Syed Hussain Alemi Balkhi Sayyed Hussain Alimi Balkhi Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi as Refugees Minister (Abdullah)

15. Faiz Mohammad Osmani Faiz Mohammad Usmani as Hajj and Religious Affairs Minister (Ghani)

16. Faizullah Kakar as Counter-Narcotics Minister (Ghani)

17. Mrs. Sultan Khairi Aie Sultan Khairi Aya-Sultan Khairi as Minister of Information and Culture (Ghani)

18. Qamaruddin Shenwari Qamar-uddin Shinwari as Borders and Tribal Affairs Minister (Ghani)

19. Sardar Mohammad Rahman Oghlo Sardar Mohammad Rahman Oghli Sardar Muhammad Rahmanughli as Economy Minister (Abdullah)

20. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi as Trade and Commerce Minister (Abdullah)

21. Rahmatullah Nabeel Rahmatullah Nabil as Intelligence chief (Ghani/Abdullah)

22. Khalilullah Sediq Khalil Seddiq as Afghanistan Bank governor (Ghani)

23. Faizullah Zaki as Transport Minister (Ghani)

24. Shah Zaman Maiwandi Shah Zaman Maywondi as Urban Development Minister (Ghani)

25. Sher Mohammad Karimi Shir Mohammad Karimi as Defense Minister (Ghani)

26. Noor-ur-Haq Ulomi Noor-ul-Haq Ulumi as Minister of Interior (Abdullah)

27. Salahuddin Rabbani as Foreign Affairs Minister (Abdullah)


The government of National Unity was formed nearly three and half months ago. President Ghani and chief executive officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah were sworn in on Monday 29th September 2014 after the two leaders reached to an agreement following months of controversies due to the election which was marred by massive fraud.

President Ghani had promised to announce the cabinet within 45 days after taking the office as the new president of the country. However, the announcement was delayed on numerous occassions amid reports suggesting that the two leaders are at odds on nominees for respective ministries.

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