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Feroz, Ferozuddin Dr.

Name Feroz, Ferozuddin Dr.
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade Ex Minister
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Head of the Kapisa province health department
Advisor to the World Bank on health affair
Technical Deputy Minister of Health (200201-200412)
Medical Management and Research Courses Afghanistan (MMRC-A) Owner. (19890908)
Maiwand Bank, Member of Board of Supervisors
Minister of Public Health (2015012,

3. Biodata:
Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz Firuzuddin Firuz Fairozuddin Fairoz, son of Ghulam Mohiuddin, is an Afghan national and was born 1967 and hails from Panjshir. In 1982 he was admitted to the Medical Faculty of Kabul University. Following the successful completion of his medical studies Feroz started working with the people of Afghanistan, first in Baghlan province and then as the Public Health Director of Kapisa province.  He holds an MA (from the UK in leading and management of health affairs. He is a qualified and well experienced in the field of medicine. He had held various prestigious positions in the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan includes as a technical Deputy Minister of Health from Jan 2002 to Dec 2004 and also associated with the World Bank, Afghanistan on various projects. Ferozuddin Feroz had been elected by the share holders of the bank and inducted to the Board of Supervisors as an outsider of share holders to hold the position as member of Board of Supervisors for supervising the affairs of the bank in strict compliance of the Banking laws & regulations of Da Afghanistan Bank.

Feroz has been nominated by the CEO Dr. Abdullah as the Public Health Minister.(20150112). Wolesi Jirga gave vote of confidence to Nominee for the Ministry of Public Health Ferozuddin Feroz won with 170 votes, 54 against, 12 blank, and four invalid.(20150128)

He is the owner of Medical Management and Research Courses Afghanistan (MMRC-A) which received a controversial Government medical contract in Ghazni Province.(20151219)

Former Public Health Minister, Ferozuddin Feroz, and a number of current and former health officials were referred to the AGO on suspicion of misuse of authority and embezzlement of COVID-19 funds on Monday August 25, 2020.

Ferozuddin Feroz who was charged for corruption during the coronavirus-related lockdown, has illegally left the country.(20201005)

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Established 2015-01-12