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Asif Wardak

Name Asif Wardak
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
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Function/Grade Background AJFSF
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Head of Afghanistan Journalists' Financial Supporting Fund (AJFSF):
Asif Wardak (20159195)


Amidst reports about inattention of the government and a number of media outlets on journalists such as Zubair—a journalist, who succumbed to his injuries in a deadly attack in Kabul, an association was formed on Sunday 04. Jan 2015  to financially support vulnerable journalists.

Head of Afghanistan Journalists' Financial Supporting Fund (AJFSF), Asif Wardak, said the association would help its members, almost all of them journalists, in their poor economic condition. "The collected fund will belong to journalists and none will have the right to misuse it," he said.
He vowed to use the collected fund honestly and transparently. "Every vulnerable journalist that receives membership of the foundation will be helped when s/he is in poor economic condition," he opined.
He said every member has the right to monitor the AJFSF activities any time.
According to him, at least Afs1 million has been added to the fund by government officials, members of the parliament and a number of traders. "Other resources will also be called for help to enhance the financial status of the association," he said.
A number of journalists expressed pleasure over establishment of the association but said that several organizations have been founded under the name of defending the rights of journalists and supporting them while majority of them are busy in collecting funds from international organizations and have done nothing for supporting journalists in the country. They sought transparency and honesty in activities of the AJFSF.
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Established 2015-01-05