Afghan Biographies

Hashimi, Sayed Abdullah

Name Hashimi, Sayed Abdullah
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1983
Function/Grade Director of Orphanages Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
The National Association of Afghanistan Youths,  President (20141229)
Director of Orphanages Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (20110500, 20120112)

3. Biodata:
Sayed Abdullah Hashimi Said Abdullah Hashimi was born 1983 in Afghanistan. He is an orphan. When he was six months old his father and then his mother died. His father was killed fighting the Soviets during the occupation in the 1980s. Hashimi was made Director General of Orphanages Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in 2011.

Hashemi and his department are initiating legislation in parliament to standardise conditions all over the country but in the short-term he will continue to carry out impromptu audits at orphanages across Afghanistan.(20120112)

Al Haj Sayeed Abdullah Hashimi said that the coveted scholarships were provided by the Afghan government or sponsored by host countries. He said 67 school-leavers from a number of orphanages in Afghanistan had won bursaries to study in India, Pakistan and Turkey over the last three years.Hashimi said that his department was very concerned that officials were abusing their powers to get children into Tahia-e Maskan (Tahia-e Maskan is in the northwest of Kabuland is used to house young and adolescent boys. Conditions at Kabul’s other orphanage, located in Alauddin in the southwest, seem far better), adding that his office was developing a better-documented admissions policy.  “Amongst the current children, under than ten per cent are from Panjshir and more than 60 per cent from Badakhshan,” he said, adding that genuinely vulnerable children were missing out because legislators and even some government ministers were giving priority to relatives.(20140507)

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