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Dean of Kabul Medical University KMU Dean chancellor of the university:
Professor Dr. Shireen Agha Zarif Dr. Shirin Aqa Zarif,  (20110704, 20121218, 20141207)




Kabul Medical University formerly known as Kabul Medical Institute is located in Kabul, Afghanistan on the campus of Kabul University. The medical institution was initially maintained by collaboration with the Turkish and French sponsors. KMU developed into a single autonomous University in 2004. It currently graduates professionals in fields of Curative Medicine, Pediatric, Stomatology, Dental and Nursing. All subjects are taught in Persian but most medical terms are in English. Currently more than 25 medical schools are known to exist in Afghanistan but KMU is known to be the topest leading medical school in the country. Up to the beginning of the 1980s, Afghan Medical Schools were under Kabul University and the Ministry of Education; however, after Russian occupation, all Medical Schools came under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Health and later on the Ministry of Higher Education.

During the days of the Taliban, women were not allowed to study medicine at Kabul Medical University, not even under the cover of the burka. The University of Manitoba's medical school along with University of Nebraska Medical Center helped the Kabul Medical University rebuild its library after the war. University of Nebraska Medical Center provided KMU with scholarships for KMU lectures and students as well as provided it with up-to-date medical technology and research based institutions like Cardiac Research Center. Manitoba put together a basic collection of 672 medical textbooks.

In 2007 Kabul Medical University cooperated with the King Edward Medical University of Lahore.
medical university is the first higher education institution across the country. It has started its activity in October 1932. In 2004 this university promoted as an independent university called Kabul Medical University. Kabul Medical University in its 4 faculties totally has 2100 students among them 1451 male and 649 female and 237 professors are teaching. 204 are male and 33 of them are female professors. (2008)


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