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ANA 7th Commando Bataillon

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HQ 7th Special Operations Kandak:
Camp Shobarak, Helmand.
Commander, 7th Special Operations Kandak, Helmand:
Colonel Zabiullah Momand (20141116)


This commando battalion has been operating in Helmand for the past five years (2009-2014). Oct 13, 2013 ANA took lead over Camp Shobarak. They serve as a quick-reaction force as well as perform night operations targeting insurgents and high-level criminals. However, no Afghan helicopters are dedicated exclusively to this battalion, so the commandos must often get rides from US Special Operations helicopters, or travel by road, risking IEDs and ambush. By road they lose the advantage of surprise and they lose men who die from lack of air medevacs. The enlisted commandos are paid the equivalent of 300 US dollars a month. Some get leave every three months, but others in specialised units work for longer stretches. 7th Commando Battalion is from 215th Corps "Maiwand".


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