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Badghis PC 2014 certified results

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Badghis New PC members’ biographies- 2014

The Badghis provincial council has nine members. Five of them are new faces while the rests four are reelected in the April 5 election.
Provincial Council head: Haji Bahauddin Qadsi Haji Bahauddin Qadesi Bahauddin Qudosi
Deputy Head: Abdul Aziz Baig
Secretary: Mrs. Monasa Qadari
1. Haji Bahauddin Qadsi:
Haji Bahauddin Qadsi is the son of Kamaluddin, Qadsi was born in 1961 in Qads district. He completed his high school education in 1980 and got undergraduate degree in literature from Badghis private pedagogical institute. Earlier, Qadis served as teacher, regional in-charge of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), and director of Badghis professional clinic.
Contact No: 0799590812
2. Maulvi Abdul Basit Sarim:
Maulvi Abdul Basit Sarim is the son of Maulvi Abdul Qayyum. He was born in 1979. Sarim is the resident of Qala-Naw, the provincial capital. He studied up to 14th and was reelected in the April 5 election. He served as deputy head of the provincial council in the last tenure. Earlier, he was the Imam of a Masjid and also served as tribal elder.
Contact No: 0799574027
3. Abdullah Afzali:
Abdullah Afzali is the son of Abdul Ghani, Abdullah Afzali was born in 1986 in Jawand district. He studied upto 12th class at Jami Madrasa of western Herat province in 2010. Currently, he is the student of law and political science faculty at the Ishraq University in Badghis. Earlier, he had his own business.
Contact No: 0797182927
4. Mohammad Nasir Nazari:
Mohammad Nasir Nazari is the son of Abdul Salam. He was born in 1976 in Abkamri district. Nazari has a bachelor degree in law and political science from one of Pakistani universities. He was reelected as provincial council member in the April 5 election. Earlier, Nazari was head of the National Movement Party in Badghis.
Contact No: 0700000955
5. Mohammad Farid Akhizi:
Mohammad Farid Akhizi is the Son of Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Farid Akhizi was born in 1983 in Jawand district. He completed his primary education at the Hanzala High School and received his bachelor degree in law and political science from Ishraq University. Earlier, Akhizi worked in government and none government organizations. He has no political affiliation.
Contact No: 0796351560
6. Abdul Aziz Baig:
Abdul Aziz Baig is the son of Mohammad Umar Baig. He was born in 1963 in Muqar district. He completed his 12th class education at the Hanzala High School in Badghis but he could not pursue higher education. After completing his military training, Baig started his own business in 1985. He worked as head of Herat transport union for 19 years. Before making his way to the provincial council, he was a leading tribal elder. He also has no political affiliation with any party.
Contact No: 0799019316
7. Mrs. Zia Gul Habibi:
Zia Gul Habibi is the daughter of Ramazan, Habibi was born in 1979 in Badghis. She is the resident of Qala-i-Naw, the provincial capital. Habibi was graduated from Badghis Pedagogical Institute. She was provincial council secretary in the last tenure. Earlier, she served as a teacher.
 Contact No: 0796298086
8. Mrs. Monsa Qadari:
MonsaQadari is the daughter of Abdullah. She was born in 1973 in Qala-Naw. She is currently the student of law and political science. Earlier, she worked at the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and appeal court of Badghis. She also served as director of women affairs for two years. Monsa has no political affiliation.
Contact No: 0799603410
9. Khanjan Zafar Khan Jan Zafar:
Khanjan Zafar is the son of Mohammad Rasool, Khanjan Zafar was born in 1976 in the Balantab village of Jawand district. He studied up to 12th class and served as commander in security organs in western Herat province during Hamid Karzai’s government. Earlier, he was a tribal elder and had affiliation with the Jamiat-i-Islami political party.
Contact No: 0797999401

25 Haji Wali Shah Zadeh 9.890 8.06%
31 al-HajBaha Qadis 9.164 7.47%
8 Maulvi Abdul Sarem 7.754 6.32%
3 Abdul Afzali 7.529 6.14%
21 Haji Mohammad Nasser 6.553 5.34%
4 Akhi Muhammad Farid 6.512 5.31%
13 Abdulaziz 6.273 5.12%
1 Zyaul Habibi 2.697 2.20%
27 Monesa Qadri 2.625 2.14%

Provincial Councils Election Final Results
Results By Elected Candidates
Results Status:Certified
October 25, 2014



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حاجی ولی شاه نایب زاده




حاجی بهاء الدین قادسی




مولوی عبدالباسط صارم




عبدالله افضلی




الحاج محمد ناصر نظری




محمد فرید اخی زی




عبدالعزیز بیک




ضیاګل حبیبی




مونسه قادری




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