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Bamyan New PC members’ biographies- 2014

Provincial Council Head: Mrs. Tayyeba Khawari, first female headed provincial council in central Bamyan province (20181125)

Nine winners of 2014 Bamyan Provincial Council (PC):

1. Abdul Ahmad Benawa:
Son of Baz Mohammad, Abdul Ahmad Benawa belongs to Duro village of Khamard district of Bamyan province. Born in 1959, he is graduated from Habibia High School in Kabul.
Earlier, he was commander of Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA). Benawa also worked in the UN and served as teacher in the past.
Contact No: 0778438961
2. Haji Hussain Dad Kheli:
Haji Hussain Dadkheli is the son of Ghulam Ali. He is the resident of Shahidan village. Dakheli is born in 1941 and graduated from faculty of Islamic studies. He served as deputy director of Hajj affairs for nine years and served as social worker.
Dadkheli is the oldest member of Bamyan Provincial Council. He served as commander during Jihad against Russia.
Contact No: 0799825168
3. Haji Mohammad Hassan Asadi:
Son of Ghulam Hassan, Asadi is born in 1963 in the Pitab Joy village of Waras district in Central Bamyan province.
He completed his primary studies from Ahzarat High School and simultaneously studied Islamic studies.
Contact No: 0772632962
4. Mohammad Yousuf Mazhari:
Mohammadad Yousuf Mazhari is the son of Mohammad Qadim. He is born in 1965 in the Qurona village of Sighan district. Mazhari completed his primary education in the central High School of Saighan.
After his return from Peshawar, he established the Mazhar-ul-Ulum Madrassa in Sighan district.
Mazhar was member of provincial council as well in the previous tenure. He is member of Jamiat-i-Islami political party. He served as government employee during Taliban regime.
Contact No: 0773814086
5. Mohammad Amir Mahmoodi:
Son of Mohammad Naeem, Mohammad Amir Mahmoodi is born in 1961 in the Chajin village of Waras district in central Bamyan province.
Mahmoodi completed his high school in his hometown and got his undergraduate degree in history and political science.
He worked in the National Solidarity Program (NSP) from 2002-2007 and continued with his personal business from 2007 until 2011.
Mahmoodi also worked as finance director of National Unity Political Party.
Contact No: 0779525804
6. Sayed Ali Hashmi:
Sayed Ali Hashmi is the son of Sayed Hakim. He is the resident of Solij village of Yakawalang district and born in 1978.
Hashmi lived in Iran for more than 30 years as refugee. He has undergraduate qualification and went to the Qalam Isamic studies center as well.
Hashmi, 37, engaged in social work in his locality
Contact No: 0778088120
7. Mohammad Zaman Hamdard:
Son of Sarwar Ali, Mohammad Zaman Hamdard is born in 1961 in the Natiaq village of Yakawalang district.
He completed his primary studies in his locality. He is veterinary doctor by profession. Hamdard worked with Netherlands committee for three years and served as
security in charge of Yakawalang district for the Wahdat-i-Milli political party.
Recently, he was involved in his personal business and remained deputy director of Ghirjistan Construction Company.
Contact No: 0778021224
8. Mrs. Tayyiba Khawari:
Tayyiba Khawari is the daughter of Ghulam Hassan. She is born in 1983 and completed her primary studies in Iran.
Khawari has undergraduate degree in history and worked for the rights of women during her civil society activism.
Contact No: 0778838004
9. Mrs. Aqila Hussaini:
Daughter of Hussain Ali, Aqila is born in 1986. She completed her primary studies at her locality.
Aqila was member of provincial council in the previous tenure and made her way to the provincial council election as well.
Earlier, she worked in UN, Bamyan Radio and served as a teacher.
Contact No: 0777291618

44 Abdul Mohammad 11.225 6.67%
53 Hajji Hussein Khalil 9.486 5.63%
1  Haji Mohammad Hassan Asadi 6.323 3.75%
50 Mohammad Yousuf 6.145 3.65%
32 Mohammed Qais Khan Bamyani 5.815 3.45%
25 Ali Hashemi 5.525 3.28%
13 Mohammad Hamdard, 5.401 3.21%
8 Mrs. Taiba 3.871 2.30% Tayyeba Khawari, Tohaiba Khawari Tayabba Khawari first female heads provincial council in Bamyan province (20141127)
48 Husseini 3.816 2.27%


Provincial Councils Election Final Results
Results By Elected Candidates
Results Status:Certified
October 25, 2014



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عبدالحمد بینوا




حاجی حسین داد خلیلی




حاجی محمد حسن اسدی




محمد یوسف مظهری




محمد قیس خان وکیلی بامیانی




سید علی هاشمی




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