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Daikundy provincial members’ biographies-2014

1. Subhan Naibi:
SubhanNaibi is the deputy head of the provincial council. Son of Haji Anwar, Naibi was born in 1989 in Nieli, the provincial capital. He completed his primary and secondary school in Daikundi. He worked with aid organizations in 2004. Besides working with aid organizations, he started social activities and established Tolo association through which he was encouraging youth for sport and avoiding them from addiction. In 2008, he became member of National Solidarity Party.
Contact: 0779542348
2. Sayyed Zakria Hashmi:
Sayyed Zakria Hashmi is the son of Sayyed Askar. He was born in 1983 in Khadir district. He completed his primary studies at his home district and graduated from Daikundi teacher training faculty in 2010. He worked for Central Statistics Office for four years in Sangtakht district. He later joined the National Solidarity Party. He is the secretary of the provincial council.
3. Haji Ghairat Jawahiri:
Haji Ghairat Jawahiri Son of Mohammad Azim, Haji Ghairat Jawahiri was born in 1971 in Kiti district. Besides religious studies, he completed his high school studies there. He is graduated from social science faculty in Daikundi in 2013. In 2011, he established a development association for persons with disabilities. He has been affiliated with Wahdat party led by Mohammad Muhaqiq.
Contact: 0773512948
4. Mrs. Sumia Mohammadi:
Sumia Mohammadi Daughter of Ewaz Mohammad, Sumia was born in Sangtakht district in 1984. She was immigrated to Iran in 1989 and completed her primary studies there. In 2005, she returned to the country and graduated from teacher training faculty. Besides being student, she was a social activist and established a women council. Despite of traditional hurdles, she dared to work as a teacher.
Contact: 0704023299
5. Mrs. Seema Rustamyan:
Seema Rustamyan Daughter of Asif Khan, Seema Rustamyan was born in 1978 in Shahristan district. She studied primary, secondary and high school at his home district in 2006. Then, she attended medics’ courses and worked in a local hospital for four years.
Contact: 0777754212
6. Mrs.  Shaima Mohammadi:                                                                            
Shaima Mohammadi Daughter of Mohammad Esa, Shaima Mohammadi was born in 1990 in Miramor district. She completed her primary and secondary school there and served as a teacher. Because of here social activities, she was elected as deputy and later as secretary of the local development council. She is affiliated with the Wahdat party.
Contact: 0765766672
7. Sohrab Ali Etomadi:
Sohrab Ali Etomadi is the son of Haji Mohammad Hanif. He was born in Shahristan district of Daikundi province in 1957. He completed his primary education in Shahristan, syntax literature in Mashhad and Qom cities of Iran. He achieved his 12th grade at Sangi Mom High School in Nili City of Daikundi. He is now the student of third year of Law and Political Sciences faculty at Nasir Khisrau Higher Education Institute in Daikundi. Etomadi took part in Jihad against Soviet within Jihadi Shoras in Gazni, Bamyan and Maidan Wardak provinces. During 1990, he served as finance manager and district deputy in Shahristan district. After the Taliban captured the district, he served as elder and head of public management of Charsad Khana areas in order to maintain security.
Contact: 0775622530
8. Hadi Rahimi Zada, secretary of provincial council:
Hadi Rahimi Zada was born in Sang Takht district in 1976. He could not get education due to domestic war and closure of schools. He then got religious education. In 1992, he went to Iran and started studying at Mashhad Madrassa in the field of Arabic literature, logic, and jurisprudence for three years.
Contact: 0775577829
9. Mohammad Ibrahim Rahmani:
Mohammad Ibrahim Rahmani is the son of Safdar. He was born in Kijran district of Daikundi in 1969. He got his primary education and also religious education at his hometown. In 1984, he joined Mujahideen’s ranks and then in 1988 he proceeded to Iran. He returned to Afghanistan in 1992 and served for three years as commander in Kijran district. After the Taliban took power in 1990, seizing Kijran district he went back to Iran. He won the previous provincial council election as well.

Election Results:
54 F. Akbari 6.915 4.02%
7 H. Rahimzada 6.527 3.80%
53 S. Etemadi 5.232 3.04%
16 Sobhan 5.108 2.97%
5 Somayeh 4.807 2.80%, Mrs. Sumaia Mohammadi, a member of the Daikundi Provincial Council (PC), has been killed during the overnight attack on the Cart-i-Sakhi shrine in Kabul.(20161012)
46 Rostamiyan 4.601 2.68%
34 ??? Jewel Haji zeal 4.498 2.62%
47 Syed Hashemi 4.370 2.54%
61 Ibrahim Rahmani Baloch 4.357 2.54%

Syed Zakria Hashmi and Ibrahim Rehmani Baloch replaced Ghulam Hussain Joya and Muhammad Baqar Mubalaigh.

Provincial Councils Election Final Results
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October 25, 2014



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