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Farah PC 2014 certified results

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Farah New PC members’ biographies- 2014:

Farah provincial council has nine members. Three previous members of the council could retain their seats in April 5 elections while the rest six members are new.

Head: Farid Bakhtawar (20180511) killed in Helicopter crash (20181031), Dadullah Qaneh (20200815)
Deputy Head: Khair Mohammad Noorzai, Haji Khair Muhammad Nurzai (20180606)
Secretary: Shah Mahmood Naeemi
1. Dadullah Qani:
Dadullah Qani is the son of Abdul Salam. He is born in Farah capital in 1988. He completed his school at Shaikh Abu Nasr Farahi High School. Currently, he studies law and political science at Gharjestan Higher Education centre. He has also been working in Farah police department for three years.
Contact: 0799640736
2.  Gul Ahmad Faqiri:
Son of Nazar Mohammad, Gul Ahmad Faqiri is born in 1949 in Posht Koh district. He studied up to class 12th. He served as a teacher and employee of agriculture department in Farah. From 1981- 1984, he was district head in Qala-e-Kah. After Taliban regime, he was appointed as head of tribal department in Farah. Now, he is member of provincial council.
Contact: 0799640620
3. Mrs. Jamila Amini:
Jamila Amini is born in 1975 in Farah capital. She is now studying law and political science in Gharjestan College. She worked as a teacher in a school. In the past, she was an active member of civil society. She is now member of Farah’s peace council. She had also attended Loya Jirgas in Kabul as a representative of Farah women.
Contact: 0797746518 . Killed in a helicopter crash (20181031)
4. Farid Ahmad Bakhtawar Bakhto:
Farid Ahmad Bakhtawar is the son of Abdul Jalil. He is born in 1986 in Balablok district. His father was a jihadi leader in the province. Earlier, he had a private security company. He studied upto 12th class in Ariana School in Pakistan. Now, he is head of the provincial council. Hamid Bakhto, a cousin of Farid and commander of a group of armed men, kidnapped a boy and took him to Bala Bolik district where he raped him and then used hot metal to burn him. (20150423)
Contact: 07994400008
5. Khair Mohammad Noorzai:
Khair Mohammad Noorzai is the son of Gul Ahmad Noorzai. He is born in 1971 in Farah. He studied upto 12th class in Pakistan. Now, he is elected as deputy head of the provincial council.
Contact: 0799603180
6. Abdul Basir Khairkhwa:
Abdul Basir Khairkhwa is the son of Haji Nisar Ahmad. He is born in 1958 in Farah. He studied upto 12th class at Abu Nasr Farahi School in Farah province. Before making his way to the provincial council, he was a leading tribal elder in his locality. This is the third time that he wins the provincial council seat.
Contact: 0799615076
7. Shah Mahmood Naeemi:
Shah Mahmood Naeemi is the son of Abdul Ahad. He is born in 1957 in Farah. He studied upto 12th class at Abu Nasr Farahi High School. He is secretary of the provincial council.
Contact: 0791335980
8. Abdul Samad Salehi:
Abdul Samad Salehi is the son of Saleh Mohammad. He is born in 1951 in Farah. He studied upto 12th class. He served in different government departments in the province. He is member of the provincial council.
Contact: 0799625141
9. Shahla Abu Bakr:
Shahla Abu Bakr is the son of Nisar Ahmad. Born in 1986 in Farah, he studied upto 12th class in Ghulam Haidar Khan High School in Kabul. This is the second time he is making his way to the provincial council. Earlier, he served as school teacher.
Contact: 0798863020

15 Dadullah4.266 7.53%
24 Gul Ahmad Azami 3.961  6.99%
16 Gul Ahmed 3.543 6.26%
14 Professor J Amini 3.426 6.05%
4 Farid Bakhtawar 3.342 5.90% provincial council chief (20150119)
13 Haji Kheir Mohammad Noorzai 3.102 5.48%
20 Haji Abdul Baseer Kherkhwa 3.0495.38%
6. Shah Mahmoud Naimi 2.842 5.02%
10 Abu Shahla 2.138 3.78%

Shah Mahmood Naemi and Abdul Baseer Kherkhwa replaced Abdul Hameed Hameed and Abdul Satar Rahimi.

Provincial Councils Election Final Results
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October 25, 2014



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دادالله قانع




گل احمد اعظمی




گل احمد فقیری




استاد جمیله امینی




فرید بختور




حاجی خیرمحمد نورزی




حاجی عبدالبصیر خیرخواه




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شهلا ابوبکر




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