Afghan Biographies

Aziz, Abdul Aziz

Name Aziz, Abdul Aziz
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1938
Function/Grade Member of the Supreme Court
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Abdul Aziz (Aziz) son of Ali Ahmad was born in an educated family in Kabul province in the year 1317 (1938). He completed his primary education in Mir Bacha Koot primary school. He was enrolled in Sharia Studies Academy (Madrasa) currently known by Abo Hanifa Academcy (Madrasa) in the year 1330. He graduated from same Madrassa in 1335 with high grades. Pohand Aziz was enrolled in Faculty of Islamic studies of Kabul University in the year 1336. After graduation in the year 1339 he started to serve the government in Kabul University. In order to continue with his higher education Aziz through a scholarship travelled to Arabic Republic of Egypt in the year 1342 and received his diploma from Al Azhar University in Islamic studies majoring in personal affairs. After his graduation Aziz received his master’s degree in comparative jurisprudence (Comparative Study of Islam) and returned to the country in the year 1346. Aziz in the year 1347 served the country as member of professional cadre of the Islamic studies faculty of Kabul University and still continues his holy job. Aziz travelled to United States of America to improve his English Language skills in the year 1351 and in the year 1355 he attended a legal training program in United States of America where he was enrolled in Law Faculty of George Washington University and received his master’s equivalent degree in comparative law. He is was actively involved in academic works, visits and has gained rich legal expertise during his studies in United States of America, Cairo and teaching period in Kabul university.

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