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Ahmadzai, Habibullah Brig Gen

Name Ahmadzai, Habibullah Brig Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Special security advisor to President Ghani
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Special security advisor to President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20141016)
3. Biodata:
Al Haj Habibullah Ahmadzai. President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has appointed Brig Gen Habibullah Ahmadzai as his special security advisor. (20141016)

Ahmadzai resigned from his post to contest in parliamentary elections.

The former senior adviser to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has claimed that a specific circle in ARG Presidential Palace seek sexual favours in exchange for a governmental seat. General Habibullah Ahmadzai has levelled the allegation during an exclusive interview with a local television network, Khurshid TV. Ahmadzai went on to claim that widespread corruption exists inside Presidential Palace and certain individuals prevent others to serve the country. He described the widespread corruption as the main motive to step down from his position as senior presidential adviser. The latest allegations by President Ghani’s former senior adviser has sparked an uproar on social media.(20190526)

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) said on Sunday June 9, 2019 that the arrest warrant of Habibullah Ahmadzai, a former special security advisor to President Ghani, has been issued to the police. Recently, Ahmadzai claimed that the presidential palace has asked women for sexual favors in exchange for the top positions in the government and has documents to prove his claims. To investigate and follow his claim AGO demanded Ahmadzai to share the pieces of evidence with AGO. However, he has not submitted any documents to AGO to prove his claims.(20190609)

Habibullah Ahmadzai, an ex-advisor to Ghani, said that if the leaders of the former government had listened to his advice, the situation in the country would have been different. He said: “If they (leaders of the former regime) had listened to what we had said, there would have been no problem, and now that we have arrived, we have returned home with the intention of cooperating with the Islamic Emirate.(20220629)


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