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Bala Murghab District Badghis Province

Name Bala Murghab District Badghis Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief Local Taliban Commander
History and Biodata

Bala Murghab District Chief Police Chief Balamurghab Balamirghab:
Mohammad Hunzalla (20090131),
Haji Rahmatullah, District Manager (20090128),
Acting District Chief Aminullah arrested because on allegations of graft and having links with insurgents (20100208),
Muhammad Ibrahim Gavaftar Ibrahim Greffar (20100823, 20101101),
Mohammad Hashim Habibi Mohammad Hashim Ayoubi and four of his guards were seriously injured when their vehicle ran over a roadside bomb along a road in the district late on 20120414. Habibi died 20120416.
Ahmadzia Akazai Ahmad Zia Akazai (20130729, 20150503)
Waris (20190315)

District Police Chief:
Saleh Mohammad Mubarez (20190316)

Local Taliban Commander:
Qari Ahmad Killed 20200120?,
Mullah Abdul Manan (20100120)
Mullah Tor Jan, killed (20100823)

Much of the 2016 Badghis rise in poppy cultivation happened in Ghormach district in the province’s remote north. It had already overtaken Bala Murghab as the leading opium poppy cultivating district in the province in 2015 and harboured almost half of the province’s cultivation area in 2016, with 17,594 hectares. Together Ghormach and Bala Murghab accounted for 85 per cent of Badghis’ poppy cultivation area.(20170222)

The roads to Bala Murghab have been blocked by militants and according to District Governor Waris, the insurgents have arrived to a distance of one kilometer from the center of the district. Bala Murghab is the largest and the most populous district in Badghis.  At least 20 Afghan Army soldiers have lost their lives during the one-week battle in the district, Waris said. The district governor said at least 11 security outposts and a unit of Afghan Army have fallen to the militants. At least 28 Afghan Army soldiers have disappeared following the Taliban attack, he added “At least 11 security outposts and a unit of Afghan Army have been captured by the Taliban. But reinforcements have been deployed to the area,” Waris stated.(20190315)

At least 100 Afghan soldiers abandoned their posts in Bala Murghab District and fled imminent capture by the Taliban by crossing the country’s border into neighboring Turkmenistan, only to face immediate expulsion, Afghan officials said on Saturday, Mar 16, 2019. It was the latest in a series of insurgent attacks in the hotly contested Bala Murghab district, where an entire Afghan Army company was killed or captured on Monday, Mar  11, 2019 . By Saturday Mar 16 2019, its defenders said the district had mostly fallen into Taliban control.


The Afghan government recently announced that its forces had withdrawn from the Bala Murghab district center in the remote Afghan province of Badghis and ceded it to the Taliban.

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