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The Kabul Times, a Kabul Municipality’s publication director:
Nimatullah Barakzai (20220706)

The state owned Kabul Times, established in 1962, was the first English language printed newspaper in Afghanistan. Following the 1978 coup, the Kabul Times was renamed New Kabul Times, and began to print Communist rhetoric that was reminiscent of days during the Cold War and was highly confrontative to the Western culture. As of 2002, the Kabul Times is a daily paper that is in circulation in Afghanistan.

Website of The Kabul Times was opened by Deputy Information and Culture Minister on Publications Mrs. Simeen Hassanzada.  In a ceremony held on this occasion, first The Kabul Times’ Director and Editor-in- Chief Hamidullah Arefi (see picture left) briefed related to contents of the website, adding fortunately TKT newspaper today got website and its interests could read the paper’s most recent news and reports in the website and through social networks as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.(20140809) Arefi was the South Asia Foundation Afghan Chapter (SAF) Secretary. (20130601)


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