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Khalid Hadi  Haidari is the editor-in-chief of Benawa is an  online Pashto newspaper which has publication in Pashto language mainly covering human rights, freedom of speech, civil rights and cultural related issues.

3. Biodata Khalid Hadi Haidari:
Online journalist Khalid Hadi Haidari is a member of the Afghan media family  and a US based  reporter stationed at New York  for the,  a popular Pashtu-language news website. Khalid Hadi Haidari is a well known journalist among national and international media and he has worked for CNN during the Taliban government in Afghanistan. a Pashto news and Op-Ed website has been blocked for visitors in Afghanistan after the complaints from the Media Violations Commission about publishing the false news of vice-president Qasim Fahim's death. The commission sent a request to the Office of Attorney General (OAG) to look into the complaint and act as required, said Zarialai Nawabi, spokesman of the Ministry of Information and Culture.(20101002

Khalid Hadi  Haidari the head of, an afghan online media, was arrested in Kandahar airport  without a warrant on suspicion of  publishing some stories about illegal activities of the local government in Kandahar province in the south of Afghanistan.(20140617)


Abdul Rauf Benawa (1913–1987; was an Afghan writer, poet, journalist, historian and social activist. One of his major works is a series of educational poems called "Sad Reflection" (1957). He died in exile in the United States.


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