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Directorate of Police Special Units (GDPSU)

Name Directorate of Police Special Units (GDPSU)
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The Directorate of Police Special Units (GDPSU) was established in 2009.
Consists of six Police special units:
TF24 Crisis Response Unit (325 assigned),
conducts CT operations
Resolves high risk situations.
Commando Force 333 (441 assigned), 333 Commando unit of ANP,
conducts CT, CN, and COIN strike operations.
Afghan Task Force 444 (437 assigned),
conducts find, feel, understand, and influence operations
Recce unit.
VIP Protection unit (1246 assigned),
protects members of parliament and senior national VIPs.
Judicial Security Unit (650 assigned),
protects high level judicial system members.
Investigative Surveillance Unit (222 assigned),
disrupts INS IED.

UK has trained Commando Force 333 - a special police commando unit originally developed by UK Special Forces for counter-narcotics and interdiction, but now considered a multi-functional commando force capable of high-risk arrests - as well as Task Force 444 - a national task force developed by UK Special Forces to conduct operations in Helmand Province. In addition there is the Crisis Response Unit, based in Kabul and trained for high-risk arrests and hostage rescue missions.
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