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A group of youths were active since 1992 doing volunteer work in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan but after seven years of sporadic works they decided to get organized which resulted in foundation of a humanitarian organization. Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) was established in January 1999 by a group of youth Afghan women and men. HAWCA's establishment was motivated by the despair and devastation suffered by Afghan women and children as victims of war and injustice in Afghanistan and as refugees in Pakistan. Living under the same conditions and experiencing the same misery as millions of Afghans in Afghanistan and in Pakistan during the civil war, the leading members of HAWCA committed to achieving their aims and objectives as volunteers, and devoted their efforts to improving the lives of Afghans under difficult circumstances, from the era of Taliban domination to today's insecure Afghanistan.

HAWCA encourages the active participation of Afghan women and youth in the reconstruction and development processes of their country, and works in partnership with institutions and organizations that focus on just development in Afghanistan.

According to the final decision No:(244) Dated 14/12/2005 of High Evaluation commission of NGOs HAWCA organization is entitled to work in Afghanistan as an NGO.

You shall respect and observe the Afghanistan Constitution, NGO law and rest of laws and regulations enforced in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Dr. Mir M. Amin Farhang

Minister of Economy
HAWCA currently holds the membership in the following local, national and regions networks:

•    Member at Afghan Women’s Network (AWN).
•    Member at Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN)
•    Member at Persian Speaking Women’s Network, which previously known as Persian Gender Network.
•    Member at Elimination of Violence Against women Group, organized by UNIFEM
•    Member at Coordination Cooperation Committee and National Shelter Network.
•    Member of Parliamentarian and Women Activist Network


Awards recieved by HAWCA PDF Print E-mail

Isabel Ferror's Award
on 8th of March 2000 which was given for those who work on women's education.

Amnesty International Award
Amnesty International title for working on human rights for children and women from Italian Section.
Medalla de Oro del Ayuntamiento de Arganda del Rey
In 6th December 2001 HAWCA received the "Medalla de Oro del Ayuntamiento de Arganda del Rey" award in Arganda, Spain for its humanitarian activities.
Amotinada Mayor
"Amotinada Mayor" from Madrid of Spain, an award dedicated for the women of Afghanistan and received it as real representative of them in Humanitarian Field, on 9th of September 2002.
Sabino Arana Foundition's Golden Shield
On 27th January-2002, Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) has received the Preimo Sabino Arana Award from Sabino Arana Foundation in Basque, Spain. The Award was given especially to HAWCA and The New York Fire Department. Besides HAWCA representative, two firemen from New York Fire Department were also present to receive the Award. In the Award, the Sabino Arana Foundation says: "By means of this Award, the foundation of Sabino Arana wishes to express its solidarity with two collectives that suffered the bitter consequences of terrorist violence and a brutal political regime: The New York Fire Department and its firemen- both heroes and victims of the attacks perpetrated against the WTC- for their firm commitment and solidarity with their fellow citizens and the HAWCA Association for its unflagging efforts aimed at defending human rights and achieving equal opportunities for all."
Award of l'hospitalet, the city of Cooperation
On 27th January 2002, HAWCA had received the "Award of l'hospitalet, the city of Cooperation" on 27 March 2002 from the city hall of l'hospitalet in Barcelona, Spain.
Primo Donne Award
On 12th March 2002, HAWCA has been honored to receive an award from Italy called "Primo Donne" from an institution called ANRP.


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