Afghan Biographies

Bakhtari, Maniza Manizha Bakhtary

Name Bakhtari, Maniza Manizha Bakhtary
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1973
Function/Grade Ex Ambassador
History and Biodata

1.Former Ambassadors to Norway:
Mohammad Yahya Maroofi was appointed as first Afghan ambassador to Norway by President Hamid Karzai in 2004. Officially accredited to the court of Norway on October 6th, 2004. Mr. Maroofi served as ambassador to Norway and non-resident envoy to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland until 20070500.
Jawed Ludin (2007 - 2009)
Manizha Bakhtari (20091105-20151120)

2. Previous Functions:
Author, former journalist and women’s rights advocate,
Chief of staff of the Afghan foreign minister and a part time lecturer at Kabul University,
Ambassador to Norway (20091105 -20151120)

3. Biodata:
Bakhtary_ManziaBakhtari holds a bachelor degree in journalism and a Master degree in Persian Language and Literature from Kabul University.

In 2002, she was accredited as lecturer in the faculty of journalism in Kabul University. She is Afghanistan's youngest envoy, in addition for the time being the only female ambassador.

She is married to Naser Hotaki. They have three daughters Maryam Hotaki, Nosheen Hotaki and Parnian Hotaki and a son, Mustafa Kamal Hotaki.

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