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Bakhtar Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Azizi Bank, one of the largest bank in Afghanistan. Azizi Bank, a product of Afghan vision and enterprise, has been promoted by two leading businessmen - Mr. Mirwais Azizi (of the Azizi Hotak Group) and Haji Ali Akbar Zhawandai. Azizi Bank has completed three years of successful operations having established 41 branches all over Afghanistan. It has plans to increase the branches to 50 by the year end (2009). It has a well trained workforce of more than 1000 employees at present. The promoters are committed to build a sound financial institution with a view to offer the utmost safety to the bank’s customers.

Development Bank of Afghanistan (DBA), having 15 branches, became a sick bank and Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan) took over management control of the Bank. Azizi Bank acquired the bank (DBA) from Central Bank of Afghanistan on 8th March 2009 and committed 100% payment to all individuals/public depositors. This acquisition was first of its kind in Afghanistan. The acquisition has not only protected the depositors but also the staff of DBA. Azizi Bank has committed for initial introduction of USD 10 million as Capital.

After the acquisition the name of the Bank has been changed to Bakhtar Bank after getting the License from the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

Bakhtar Bank Board of Supervisor:
Present Position Chairman Mr. Haji Ali Akbar Zhawandai
Vice Chairman Mr. Mirwais Azizi,
Members: Mr. Deepak Shrivastava CEO of Azizi Bank Mr. Inayat Fazli, Dy.CEO Of Azizi Bank Mr. Manohar Singh CFO of Azizi Bank Member Independent Professional Director to be appointed


Members of the Management Bord of Bakhtar Bank:
Yousuf J.Hayat (CEO/President ) MBA (20091200-20120300)
Dr. Momin Zadran ( Deputy CEO ), Email:, 5 Year Banking Experience.
Rakesh Jethwani ( CCO Chief Credit Officer ) Indian National

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Established 2009-11-22