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In a recent attempt, the Taliban’s Ministry of Telecommunication suspended the domain of Hasht-e Subh Daily []. The domain [] was legally purchased, registered, owned, and was actively online for the last 16 years by this newspaper,” the editor-in-chief of Hasht-e-Subh (8am) Mohammad Mohaq told RSF.


Sanjar Sohail (20220414)

Editor-in-chief of Hasht-e-Subh daily newspaper:
Parwiz Kawa (20180814)
Mujib Mehrdad, Hasht-e Sobh’s editor-in-chief (20220201, 20220414)
Mohammad Mohaq (20221004)

English Section Editor:
Sakhi Khalid (20220414)

Hasht-e Sobh with coverage in 6 main provinces and Mandegar are privately-owned newspapers close to the opposition and to secular positions, both are mainly published in Dari but also feature articles in Pashto. 

8Sobh Daily Newspaper was established in 22nd May 2007 (1st Jawza of 1386) by a number of well-known and reputed journalists and media activists. This daily which is owned and published by Sanjar Sohail, has been established as a tool to address recent political movements in Afghanistan and its intention is to focus on news, analytical political and social reports and dialogues. It aims at providing fair and sound information on current facts on human rights, democracy, national unity and national interests to its audience and, herewith, to support democratic institutions, human rights - especially the process of transitional justice - and the process of fostering rule of law in the country.
For the first time in Afghanistan, 8 Sobh newspaper raises its voice not only to address the internal issues, but also to cover the regional issue based on an analytical approach, because 8 Sobh Daily believes that democratic development in Afghanistan is not only affected by the internal economy, politics, social and cultural factors, but that it is also drastically affected by regional political and social factors. This newspaper, in its turn, intends to put its efforts in further democratization of the country.

Current Coverage:

The 8 Sobh Daily is running its operations in 6 main provinces of the country, including:
- Kabul (Central Capital Region)
- Balkh (Northern Region)
- Nangarhar (Eastern Region)
- Herat (Western Region)
- Bamyan (Central Highland Region), and
- Ghazni (Southern Region)
These provinces are the regional capitals of the country, and every province covers 3 to 6 neighboring provinces around.

Attorney General called Hasht-e-Subh Chief Editor for replication regarding one of its published report.The case is based on publication of a report entitled" Afghanistan mines are being looted " on the series No:1616, dated 13 March 2013 that has been published in the newspaper. Parwez Kawa Chief editor of Hast-e-Subh daily  states that the investigated report is the outcome of research on hundreds of officials documents, indicates that some officials of mines ministry have been involved in corruptions and misuses of mines contracts in the country. An officer of Attorney General,which do not want his name to be disclosedŲŒconfirmed that the Editor of Hasht-e-Subh daily  has been summoned by AG to elaborate in advance regarding the published report. The officer included; through complaint of mines minister the editor  of Hasht -e-Subh has been summoned to Attorney General, whereas the report hasn't been handled by Attorney General. Kwaw says they are  ready to response in advance regarding the published report, but they emphasized that the replication must run through legal channels. Media and supporter institutions of media, criticized this unilateral and illegal act against Hasht-e-Subh daily news. Faheem Dashty, the executive Director of (ANJU) says; it was proper that the accusations on mines ministry has to be investigate first, and if it was needed more details of documents, they would have received it from Hasht-e-Subh daily news.

Qasim Akhgar, the author and former chief editor of Hasht-i-Subh newspaper, has passed away after protracted illness.(20140128)


The Hasht-e Subh daily and Zawia News sites operated by Afghan journalists who have been reporting from exile (U.K.) since the August 2021 Taliban takeover, said in separate statements on Monday Oct 03, 2022 that the Taliban had deactivated their website domain names.

Hasht-e Subh Daily has since resumed operations online under a different domain name. Zawia News said it would continue to report on the website of its parent company, Zawia Media.(20222004)



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