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Director General of the Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Dr. Moheb Rahmen Spinghar Dr. Moheburahman Spinghar, Dr. Muhib Spinghar (20140119, 20140723)

The Institute of Diplomacy was established with the guidance of Sardar Mohammad Naeim Khan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and with the efforts of Dr. Abdul Hakim Tabiby by the name of “Institute of diplomatic services” in 1334(1955).Then by enforcing new statute in 1354 (1975) it continued its functions by the name of ‘Diplomatic Organization’ and finally in 1368(1989) by enforcing the last statute which was structured considering main proposes and functions it continued its works by the name of “Institute of Diplomacy” onwards.
At the beginning of establishment of Institute, all the employees of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, except heads off departments were supposed to attend short term diplomacy courses, and by successfully completing these courses they were acknowledged as career diplomats.

The duration of courses has differed from 6 to 18 month’s period based on time requirement and till now 18 batches of young diplomats have been graduated.

Objectives of Institute of diplomacy:
1.    Raising staff’s scientific and professional level of understanding (by seminars, conferences and workshops);
2.    Learning International languages for creating and expanding relations worldwide.
3.    Capacity enhancement of research and studying using the new technologies.
4.    Providing surface for higher education of employees of ministry in academic institutions in Afghanistan and abroad.  
5.    Expanding the relation between the Ministry and Institutions  inside the country and abroad;
6.    Developing the library of the ministry in frame of Institute of Diplomacy;
7.    Holding academic, political and cultural ceremonies and exhibitions.

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