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Investigating Fates of Prisoners Committee (IFPC)

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Afghan Commission for Prisoner Evaluations /Investigating Fates of Prisoners Committee (IFPC)
Leader, Chief of the Bagram prisoners review committee:
Judge Abdul Karim Qanat Qari Abdul Karim Qanet (20130407, 20140210)
Commission member:
Abdul Shakoor Dadras Abdul Shokor Dadras (20130407, 20140210)
Abdul Mahmood Daqiq (20130407), (Former district attorney in Panjshir under Massood; Abdul Mahmood Daqiq director of the attorney general's office 20040427; Karzai sidelined the country's respected attorney general, Abdul Mahmood Daqiq 20070315; )

The Investigating Fates of Prisoners Committee (IFPC) was appointed by President Karzai to review the cases of prisoners held by US in Bagram Airbase. IFPC is a extra llegal body in Afghanistan which acts outside the Afghan judical system.

President Karzai has created a committee for investigation of cases of Bagram Prison (20130407) President Karzai has published a decree through which he has created a committee for investigation of the cases of prisoners of Bagram Prison, who are imprisoned aimlessly and are not sinful. The presidential palace has told that the committee is created to investigate the cases of the prisoners honestly with all the foundational judiciary insurances according to the 128th and 129th articles of the Constitution of Afghanistan. The authorities of the Bagram Prison was transferred to the Afghan Government and President Karzai had told that there were some sinless prisoners imprisoned in the prison, who would be released by the Afghan Government.
Domestic analysts and some of NATO militants have shown their concerns that some dangerous prisoners would be released from the prison or would be given chance to escape, and they will return back to the spot of war against the government. It is mentioned in the newsletter of the presidential palace that the committee was created under the leadership of judge Abdul Karim Qanat and the membership of Abdul Mahmood Daqiq and Abdul Shakoor Dadras, so they will investigate about the cases of the prisoners that are not yet analyzed. The Bagram Prison is counted as one of the dangerous prisons of Afghanistan that was previously controlled by the US Forces. Its transmission from the US Forces to the Afghan Government had many challenges and even caused some problems between both the countries.


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