Afghan Biographies

Bai, Mohammad Akbar Bay

Name Bai, Mohammad Akbar Bay
Ethnic backgr. Turkmen
Date of birth
Function/Grade Turkmen Tribal Council of Afghanistan Head of the
History and Biodata

1. Former Heads of Turkmen Tribal Council of Afghanistan:
Mohammad Akbar Bai,

3. Biodata:
bay_akbarAkbar Akhbar Bai was once the right hand of General Dostum. In February 2008 Dostum attacked Akbar Bai, an ethnic Turkman and a former member of Dostum's party who broke with him 2007 accusing him of crimes including murder of his fellow Turkmen. Some 50 to 60 people loyal to Dostum rushed on his house in Kabul, beat up Bai and his son and shot his bodyguard. In Apr 14, 2009 Akbar Bai formally announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential polls. He hoped that he would win the polls because he was not supported by any foreign country. But he did not meet the eligibility criteria, because he was convicted in and served a prison sentence in the USA and because he is a commander of an unofficial armed group in Afghanistan. So he was excluded as a candidate from the presidential election in 2009.

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