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Chairperson of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan ASA:
Prof. Suraya Popal (20130924)
Dr. Najmuddin Tereen Tarin acting chairman of academy of sciences of Afghanistan. (20130924)
Maulvi Fariduddin Mahmood (20211113, 20231210)


U.S. Treasury is designating two individuals for serious human rights abuse related to the restriction of access to secondary education for women and girls in Afghanistan, pursuant to E.O. 13818.

  • Fariduddin Mahmood is a member of the Taliban’s so-called “cabinet” that made decisions to close education centers and schools to women and girls after the sixth grade. Mahmood serves as the so-called “head of the Afghanistan Academy of Sciences” and supported the education-related bans on women and girls.
  • Khalid Hanafi serves as the so-called “Minister” for the so-called “Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” (MPVPV). Since August 2021, members of the MPVPV have engaged in serious human rights abuse, including abductions, whippings, and beatings.  Members of the MPVPV have assaulted people protesting the restrictions on women’s activity, including access to education.(20231110)

Deputy head of the Academy of Science:
Amir Jan Saqib (20231120)

Sher Ali Khan Watt
Kabul P.O. Box 894

Phone + 93 020 2102-919
Fax + 93 020 2100-268


The Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan is the official government agency of Afghanistan that regulates the Pashto and Dari Persian languages spoken in Afghanistan. It also works with Tajikistan and Iran's official government agencies to regulate literature. The 250 academic members are divided into three main groups: social science, natural sciences, and Islamic studies. (20130924)


About eighty years ago a scientific center under the name of "Pashto Mraca" was established as the first scientific body during the kingdom of Ghazi Amanullah khan in 1922. It vanished in 1928. Then the Kabul Academic Association was founded in 1930. Herat Academic Association and Pashto Academic Association were established in 1932. Pashto Tolona was founded by the merging of Kabul Academic Association and Kandahar Academic Association in 1937.
The Academy of Science of Afghanistan was established in 1978 as result of the merging of Pashto Tolena, Afghanistan History Association, Aryana Encyclopedia and the international center for Pashto researchers.
The Academy of Science of Afghanistan (ASA) currently has more than 300 research fellows, each one responsible for scientific projects. ASA is divided into three main sections:

   1. Social Science Studies
   2. Natural Science Studies
   3. Islamic Studies

Each section is divided into several Scientific centers, and each center is divided into institutes and the institutes divided into departments.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai dismissed four senior staffs of Afghanistan Academy of Science such as, chief of the Afghanistan Academy of Science Abdul Bari Rashidi, along with the head of the Social Affairs Abdul Hakim Sapai and deputy head of Human Resource department Nasrullah Turkman and Secretary of this Academy Sayed Mohammad Amin Mujahid.
Afghan president spokesman Aimal Faizi said the officials were dismissed from their governmental posts for offending the Hazara ethnic group in “Atlas Ethnography of Non-Pashtun” book which was recently (2012) published.(20120620)


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