Afghan Biographies

Aryafar, Azizullah

Name Aryafar, Azizullah
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1969
Function/Grade Independent Electoral Complaints Commission 2014 (IECC) Memb
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Director of publications for Afghan film and worked as publication manager at Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) during the interim government (1992-1997)
Head of Kabul TV state-owned television director (20040518)
Director of information and public relations at the IEC (2009)
Director IARCSC Communications and Public Relations (20120000)
Independent Electoral Complaints Commissio (IECC) Member 2014

3. Biodata:
Azizullah Aryafar was born 1969 in Parwan Province. He has been awarded a BA in Law and Political Science from Kabul University. He is a journalist by profession and working as head of the Public Relations Department of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission. Previously, he was director of National Radio TV. Aryafar worked in a small media unit which supported Ahmad Shah Massud and which, later, during the Taleban years, became Aria Press, operating out of Dushanbe as a cultural support unit, producing multimedia products for the Northern Alliance. He is said to be close to the first vice president.

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