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Bahlol, Haji Bahij

Name Bahlol, Haji Bahij
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1955
Function/Grade Ex-Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions
Commander in civil war (1996)
Governor Panjshir Province (20050511 - 20100300),

3. Biodata:
Bahlol_Haji_PanjshirHaji Bahlol Bahij Panjshiri Bahlool Bahluol , a commander of a brigade level unit (lewa) that, according to witnesses participated in an assault 1997 and took part in Massacre of Afshar in west Kabul. Bahlol Bahij was born 1955 in Faradj (Anaba District) in Panjshir valleye. geboren. He is only little educated. During Najubullah-Regime he went to the afghan Army Because of outstanding performance he was promoted to an officers rank. At the fall of the communist regime he went to the mujaheddin. den Mujaheddin an. 1996 he fought with Massoud. Bahij had required extraordinary tactical skills and was the only commander who engaged himself in combat with a precise battle plan. 1999 went into exile to Iran due to differences with Massoud. After Massoud was killed, he returned to Panjshir in the end of 2001. Although Bahij was a General in civil war, his nickname was "Zabet" (NCO) because he never attended the military academy. But is is a straight forward respected person and had never been involved in corruption.
Bahlol was one of the few Governors still overtly supporting Abdullah, he is clearly out on a political limb. Bahlol said several times that he expects his tenure as Governor to end soon after the election, either propelled by an Abdullah victory into a Kabul ministry or shown the door by a victorious Karzai.(20090815)

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