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Jaber Ansar

Name Jaber Ansar
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Consulate General in Mashad Iran Head
History and Biodata

Consulate General of Afghanistan in Mashhad
Imam Khomeini Avenue,
Doshahid Street Sevom Isfand Sq.
Tel (+98-511) 854 4829 and 859 7552
Fax (+98-511) 854 4404
Consul General: Amin Siddiqi
Abdul Jamil Parwani (20091122)
Sayed Noorullah Raghi (20170908)
Jaber Ansar (20240531 fired)


Documents provided by a reliable source reveal extreme corruption in the process of passport renewal/extension at Afghanistan’s Consulate in Mashhad, The documents leaked reveal that a large sum of cash has been misused by consular officials. According to the source, some consulate employees demand bribes triple the cost of passport renewal/extension fees.

The source also claims that as the demand for the extension of passports in Afghanistan increased, hundreds of passports are sent from Afghanistan to Mashhad and are extended in the absence of the respective applicants in return for bribes received by the consulate employees. Passport renewal or extension is impossible without the presence of the applicant, but the bribe at Afghanistan Consulate in Mashhad has made it possible. Afghanistan Consulate in Mashhad is one of the most lucrative political missions abroad. Due to measurable number of Afghanistan refugees in Iran; this institution has the largest number of clients, considering that it collects millions of dollars annually.
An investigation result shows that the statistics of the extension device do not match with that of the bank’s vouchers. Extension device record shows 5,051 registries of passports for extension, but the bank vouchers record shows 3,306 entries. There is a difference of 1745 registries. Estimating 100.00 USD to be the renewal cost for a single passport for five years, it equals $174,500.00. This is the estimated unreported amount that has possibly been stolen by the consulate staff members.(20220328)

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) announced on Friday  May 31, 2024 that Jaber Ansar has been dismissed as consul-general of Afghanistan in Iran’s Mashhad city, adding that a new diplomat will be dispatched to secure the post.

Zakir Jalaly, Director of the Third Political Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, said on X that Ansar was involved in corruption.(20240531)



Last Modified 2024-05-31
Established 2013-09-02