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Hamidi, Mohammad Arif

Name Hamidi, Mohammad Arif
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Insurance Authority of Afghanistan
History and Biodata

Head of the Insurance Authority of Afghanistan:
Mohammad Arif Hamidi (20130829)




Persons seated on chairs from left to right:

  1. Baryalai Barekzaie, HEAD Insurance Affairs Supervision
  2. Mohd. Arif Hamid, Director General of Afghanistan Insurance Authority
  3. Mohd. Jawad Jafari, HEAD of Legal Unit

Employees standing in the second line, from left to right:

  1. Sher Pacha Ahmadzai, Financial Statements Analysis Specialist
  2. Abdul Wajed Aziz, Non- life Insurance Regulations Specialist
  3. Ahmad Farid Wahedi, Liquidity Risk Manager
  4. Aminullah Zahiri, General Manager legal violation
  5. Ahmad Jawid, Investment Regulations Specialist
  6. Mohd. Wais Hakimzada, General Manager of Customer Services
  7. Nematullah Syedkhilly, Investment Evaluation Manager
  8. Amanuddin Samim, Market Risk Manager
  9. Bismillah Bahramand, General Manager insurance activities inspection

    Four insurance companies including the State insurance are actively operating in the country, and providing services in 23 provinces of Afghanistan. Certain insurance policies including property insurance will become mandatory once the insurance law of Afghanistan is passed by justice ministry and Afghan parliament. The insurance authority of Afghanistan also said that certain individual lines of insurance policies will likely become mandatory including health insurance for the citizens of Afghanistan. In response to the concerns of people regarding the failure of insurance companies to pay the insurance claims, Hamidi said that the insurance authority is available to respond to public complaints.(20130829)

    The history of insurance industry in Afghanistan started with a general insurance company from year 1963 by a governmental insurance company named “Afghan National Insurance Company” (ANIC). In 1974 first insurance law implemented in the country and in years 1979 and 1989 some articles  in the insurance law of Afghanistan had been amended and after final amendment of some articles in 2005 it announced as the new insurance law of Afghanistan and till now is has to be implemented.

    Afghanistan Insurance Authority (AIA) was established in year 2005 in the Ministry of Finance. At first the name of AIA was Insurance Supervisory Administration then in 2008 the name changed to Insurance Commission of Afghanistan.

    After that the minister’s cabinet renamed it to Afghanistan Insurance Authority.


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Established 2013-08-29