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Fayeq, Fazel Haq

Name Fayeq, Fazel Haq
Ethnic backgr.
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Function/Grade Ghor Teacher Training College Director
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Ghor Provincial teacher training college Director in Chaghcharan:
Fazel Haq Fayeq (20130827)

Fazel Haq Fayeq, claims that today 500 to 700 students graduate annually. He also says, though, that many of the students attending are either government employees who need a higher degree to be able to apply for better positions or young people who want the certificate, but do not actually want to teach in Ghor. They find the pay too low and the risk too high. He also said it was often not the Education Department that appointed teachers but local strongmen – in order to keep control over the key positions in a community. “And the MoE is not taking corrective measures to appoint professional teachers”, he says. Also, the ministry’s habit of offering positions only three or four months after graduation made things worse. “In the meantime even those graduates who want to work as teachers have found other jobs”, he said.(20130827)

Only 20 percent of the provincial teaching budget is actually being paid to educators who go to schools and teach. The other 80 percent goes to absentee teachers. As a result, many students are promoted from one grade to the next without studying anything, according to government officials and even teachers who say they have not stepped foot in a classroom in months, despite receiving a monthly wage. Gholam Rabbani Hadafmand, an inspector with the teacher training department in Ghor, said he was asked 2009 to assess the education level of teachers in Shahrak, Saghar and Dolina districts. Of 300 teachers he interviewed, more than 200 of them were completely illiterate. (20101000)

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