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Bakhtiari, Mohammad Aziz

Name Bakhtiari, Mohammad Aziz
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1963
Function/Grade IEC Commissioner 2014 Elections
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Advisor to the minister in the Ministry of Education (MoE)
IEC Commissioner 2014 Elections (20130804)

3. Biodata:
Mohammad Aziz Bakhtiari, s/ Alhaj Kalabi Hasan, a Hazara from Ghazni, was born 1963 in Jaghori District, Ghazni Province. There he complete his High School Education in his village and immigrated to Iran in 1979. He has completed Islamic Studies in Kashan-o-Qam Institute and completed his Master in Socialogy in Imam Khumaini University. After completing master in 1996, he was hired as a lecturer and researcher in the mentioned university. He has established the social research organisation in cooperation with other friends in Kabul. He was hired as  and was engaged in the department of textbooks writing process.He has been the lecturer of socialogy and dean of Social Sciences Department in Kateb University since 2007. In addition, he was the chancellor of Kateb University from 2010 up to 2012. He started his Ph.D in Mahatma Gandhi University, New Delhi. Presently, he is working upon the Ph.D thesis under the article “Ethical Discrimiation and its Social and Political Results in Afghanistan”.  He used to work as the dean of private Kateb University. He has a Masters degree in Islamic Education and Sociology from Qom University in Iran. Bakhtiari is a known sharia scholar. He was a lecturer at the Imam-i-Khomenei University.

Although politically not very active, he is seen as close to Second Vice President Karim Khalili.



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